Ultimate Guide on Wallet Cases

Ultimate Guide on Wallet Phone Cases

Ultimate Guide on iPhone 13 Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet phone cases have been around for a while but as time goes on we continue to see amazing upgrades and features added. Like choosing a vegan leather iPhone case or a vegan Android leather case, we have so many options to choose from, it can be hard picking which wallet case to invest in, so here are a few features to look out for when deciding on the right case for you:

      Ultimate Guide on Wallet Phone Cases

      Wallet Cases - Number of Slots

      The first thing you will realize when looking for a wallet case is just how many varieties there are out there as you have the option to buy a 3 slot or a 5 slot card holder case. Depending on your use for it, you may want to consider either a slimmer case with fewer slots or perhaps one that offers more storage space. If you want a case for more day-to-day activity you would probably prefer something slimmer since you won't need to carry around s much and be able to carry your wallet case around with you in your pocket wherever you go.

      Caseco’s Park Ave iPhone 13 Wallet Phone Case with MagSafe could be what you are looking for if that is the case for you. This sleek and modern-looking case has 3 built-in card slots perfect for everyday use so you could take your phone, credit card, ID, and bus pass with you all in one place.

      If you are traveling or tend to make use of more cards throughout the day, don't fret because Caseco also has an amazing 10-slot wallet case for you, the crossbody phone case.

      This phone pocket case, while remaining slim enough to fit into your pocket, provides ample card pocket storage space for cards, cash, ID, and even coins! With 10 slots located on the inside of the case and another slot conveniently placed on the back of the detachable magnetic phone case, you will have easy access to all your cards and phone.

      Wallet Cases - Protection

      Obviously, the most important feature to consider when picking out any cell phone wallet case is just how protective it is for your phone. It’s important to choose a phone case that is both durable and long-lasting. Wallet phone cases are especially protective since they provide that extra layer with the cover of the case enclosing the phone from bother sides.

      Caseco’s Broadway magnetic phone case adds in an extra layer of protection on top of this since each wallet case has a removable phone case inside that may act as its own case. So when you invest in a Caseco wallet phone case your actually getting two cases in one!

      We also offer our best seller, the 5th Ave Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra wallet case. They have raised edges to ensure your phone’s vulnerable points, such as the camera and corners, are safe in case of any accidental drops.

      In fact, all Caseco cases are military drop tested meaning they can keep your phone safe even when dropped from heights of up to 10 feet! In addition to the physical protection these cases provide your phone, our cases have built-in RFID & EMF technology so that even your card’s information is safe from being stolen or hacked. These cases are also wireless charging compatible.

      Wallet Cases - Eco-friendly Material

      One of the world’s biggest struggles in the modern age is climate change and the irreversible damage we are doing to the planet. No matter what we are doing or which product we are buying, we should always consider its environmental impact no matter how small.

      That way, through even the smallest choices, we can slowly make the world a little bit better. This applies even when picking a phone case so choose carefully so you can be proud of the case you hold.

      Caseco is all about making eco-friendly products everything from the cases themselves to the packaging they arrive in. Each product is designed with the best possible products while remaining environmentally friendly.

      Our wallet cases like our phone case with card holder as well as our Bond II Phone Card Holder and our Marble Wallet Card Phone Case are all made of 100% cruelty-free vegan leather so you know no animals were hurt in the making of our cases.

      Materials such as pineapple leaves were used to created vegan leather goods. Synthetic leather is great because you don't need animal skin to product materials. Leather industry has always relying on animal as these are animal products.

      The removable magnetic case inside is made with recyclable materials so that once you’re ready to move on to a new case, you can recycle your case so that it can be remolded into something new rather than end up in a landfill.

      Wallet Cases - Design

      Once you’ve finally considered all of the features above and know what you are looking for in a new wallet case it’s time for the fun part: to pick from all of the different designs and styles! There are plenty of unique designs to choose from so no matter what your taste is, you can find the right case for you.

      Caseco has a number of wallet case designs, you can read more about them here. Our newest release, the 5th Ave Wallet Case, comes in four different solid colours so you can go with the classic black leather look or take a more bold stance with a deep purple case. These cases keep it simple yet classy and let the leather speak for itself!

      Don't waste any more time and find the right case for you today. Check out our collection of unique and protective cases as well as phone accessories like Magsafe phone stand at Caseco and protect your phone and information with our products and services while on the go now!

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