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Say Goodbye to Bulky Clutches & Hello To 5th Ave Wallet Case – Your 5-Card Holder with RFID and EMF Armor!

Our wallet phone cases isn't just a game-changer; it's your ultimate style and sustainability wingman. Behold its prowess: cradle your phone, indulge in up to 8 cards (take your pick!), and bask in the glory of MagSafe and wireless charging harmony. But there's more to the tale. With an Anti RFID and EMF shield, it's like a fortress for your data, locking out 99% of RF and 92% of EMF radiations, sparing your secrets from prying eyes.

Now, for the grand reveal: meet the mastermind behind the hold – our cases embrace N52 magnets. These aren't just any magnets; they're neodymium marvels, packing a punch with an energy product of 52MGOe. What does that mean? Your essentials stay put, no questions asked. And on days you crave lightness, detach the wallet and lighten the load.

Eco-friendly? Absolutely. Chic leather look? You bet. And here's the beauty: animals played no part in it. Elevate your style with responsibility, make a statement that echoes loudly with every step, and bid adieu to those bulky clutches. Your perfect companion has arrived. 

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