One More Slot: The Difference It Makes

If you own a smartphone like an iPhone 13 or a Samsung S22, you'll have to consider a matching iPhone 13 case or a Samsung S22 wallet case because smartphones have done it all for us - particularly in the portability department. Your mail, your bank statement, your music, and even your photo album and your humble grocery list all squeezed into less than six inches of a rectangular box which is a thing of magic we all enjoy today.

One More Slot: The Difference It Makes - Wallet Cases

But despite almost everything being "digital" now, some things still need to be physical. Yes, traditional and actual and tangible. Like our debit cards and IDs, for instance, and even some cash too, as we have not yet come to a point that all purchases can be made by swiping and scanning QR codes as it is in some foreign countries. Deny it or not, we still need a good-old regular card holder.

However, carrying around a purse, wallet, and phone can become quite annoying, especially with how big and bulky many wallets are nowadays. It would be so much more convenient if we could just combine the three and carry around only what we need in one fashionable and easily portable space.

Indeed, an iPhone case with a detachable wallet is a worthy addition to the portability game.

One More Slot: The Difference It Makes - Card Slots

The marrying of the traditional and the modern. Imagine combining wallets and iPhone cases or wallets and Samsung phone cases in one single carrying case, freeing you from the bulky back-pocket dilemma and saving you from misplacing your cardholder knowing your IDs are tucked safely inside your phone case.

Practical functionality doesn't mean that it should be hideous. Our vegan iPhone leather case, for instance, is a six-slot vegan leather phone case that doesn't look crass. And it is made entirely of vegan leather. A classy fabric laminated in polyester, cotton, nylon, or rayon that looks exactly like the pelt we love. This material is water-resistant and has the smooth touch that a classy card case should have.

It fits six cards and even some cash and has a 2 in 1 design with a detachable, slim magnetic case. You can even use a wireless charger in it, or simply mount it on your dashboard via a dashboard phone mount if you feel like charging while driving.

One More Slot: The Difference It Makes - Wallet Case

And if that still sounds a little bulky for your liking, then there's the slimmer Android phone case wallet, which is made from vegan leather that is animal-friendly, fully recyclable, and BPA-free than can be submerged into deep waters, and ensures your cards and phone remain easily accessible and usable.

Just like its 6-slot counterpart, the case is built with RFID shielding technology so that your information is not stolen when you go through checkpoints and scanning machines.

And if you are a fan of the more classic-looking vegan leather cases, then this is the case for you. This minimalistic solid-colored wallet case is simple in design and lets the vegan leather look speak for itself

The 5th Ave wallet phone case is available in black, grey, purple, red, and green. Ditch the bulky wallets and purses that take up so much of your space and switch to a slim yet practical 5th Ave phone case with card holder.

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