Best Charging Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S21

The Best Charging Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S21

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung has finally ditched the usb wall charger. Yes, your new flagship phone does not include other things that we may find essential.It is, however, a step towards eco-consciousness. Just think about how many spare wall chargers you have lying around at home. It appears as though Samsung has finally thought about cutting down on e-waste.Also you can pair it with our Nitro Wireless Charger, Stealt Wireless Charger, Apollo Marble Wireless Charger good quality with perfect designs.

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back
Being their latest generation of flagship phones, you’d expect Samsung to improve on their technology or reuse the previous ones. Surprisingly, Samsung has decided to forego the 45 watt fast charging capability of the latest Galaxy S22 models. Just like the S21 and S21 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra tops off at 25 watts of fast charging.Seems like Samsung has given up on the fast charging race and opted for the safer route. Yes, insane fast charging speeds do sound impressive but they also come with risks like overheating. But maybe the real reason for this move is that Samsung’s 45W charging isn’t really that much faster compared to their 25W charging.In any case, the lack of a charger poses a problem for their customers. If you didn’t buy the S20, then you’ll probably only have a 15W charger on hand. To maximize the charging capabilities of your phone, getting the best charging solution for any situation is key. Let’s look at the best Samsung Galaxy S21 wall chargers.

Best Fast USB Wall Charger
No more long waiting times for your phone to fully charge. Caseco’s Pulse PD 20W Wall Charger Adapter charges your Samsung Galaxy S21 up to 4 times faster than a conventional charger. It uses Power Delivery technology to charge your device with up to 20 watts of power.It's also compatible with any mobile device. With Smart Intelligent Charging, the Pulse wall charger can identify the specific device and its charging requirements. It then adjusts its output based on what the device asks for, giving your device the optimal charging speed.You also get total protection with other wall charger. It has several layers of protection for you and your device. With it, your device is protected from short circuits, overheating, electrical surges, overcharging, and over currents.

Best Ultra Fast USB Wall Charger
For the fastest charging speeds for your Samsung S21 series device, Caseco’s PD45W USB Wall Charger is the solution. It can power up your device in no time. With 2 charging ports - a dedicated 45W power delivery port and a 2.4A smart charging port - it has a total of 57 watts to charge 2 devices at the same time.It also has Smart Intelligent Charging to get the optimal charging speeds for any device. With its 45 watt power delivery, it can also charge your tablets, gaming consoles, and laptops with USB-C ports. It also has the same safety features as the PD20 to keep your devices safe.The PD45 ensures you get ultra fast charging for your current devices. And if Samsung finds a better and more reliable way to charge its devices up to 45 watts, then you’ll already have the wall charger that’s up to the task.

Safety And Portability
These wall chargers are made with quality materials and go through stringent quality control and tests. These, together with the safety features mentioned before ensures that the product meets CE and RoHS certification standards. With the amount of power that these chargers put out, you have to be sure of their quality and safety. These marks indicate that these accessories are guaranteed safe, reliable and high capacity.They also have a foldable plug for those times that you really need to bring them along. Considering the battery capacities of the S21 line, it seems Samsung is pretty confident that these devices can last the day without topping up. However, that has yet to be seen. Still, being portable is a nice feature to have on your wall charger, just in case.

Best Wireless Power Bank
If you’re a neat freak and believe that there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place, then you probably don’t want to bring your wall charger around. That solution leaves you tied down to a wall plug for the better half of an hour when you ought to be on the go.If you’re that type, then the Stealth 8000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank is the best solution for you. It gives you and your Galaxy S21 total mobility while powering up. No need to bring a charger and a cable. You can wirelessly charge your device wherever you go.It features an 8000mAh battery and can deliver up to 10 watts of power. Your devices are wirelessly charged up quickly while being kept safe as it is compatible with a Qi certified charger. In case you need to charge other devices as well, it has 2 USB-A ports, allowing you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.The LED indicator lets you know the charge status of the wireless power bank. On the top, it has a rubber, non-slip design to keep your phone in place. It’s case friendly too.You can wirelessly charge your Samsung device with the case on. All these great features of a wireless power bank comes in a sleek, aircraft aluminum body.
Best Car Charger
It’s a fact that using mobile data drains your battery faster than using WiFi. What’s even more draining is using your phone for navigation. That’s because it uses mobile data and GPS.Plus, your screen is always on. If you’ll often use the Samsung Galaxy S21 for navigation, then you most definitely need a car charger to keep it running so you don’t lose your way.The J48 Dual USB Car Charger is the best mobile charging solution to keep in your car. It has a dedicated 30 watt power delivery port for super fast charging and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port in case you need to charge another device. Both charging ports are compatible with any mobile device.
Best Charging Cables
If you plan on getting one of the wall chargers or the car charger featured here, then you need a cable that’s capable of utilizing the power delivery technology. USB type C is shaping up to be the new standard for data transfer and charging. It’s able to handle power delivery of up to 100 watts - more than what a typical laptop needs - all while transferring data as well.USB-C to USB-C cables are reversible so no more fiddling around to find how to properly connect it. Make sure that it’s braided so it’ll last longer and take more abuse.Caseco has Braided USB-C to USB-C Charging Cables in lengths of 1 meter, 2 meters, even 3 meters. All of these come with cable organizers to keep things tidy. Pick the right length that suits your needs.

In Closing
As we bid farewell to the included charging brick in your new Samsung device, we’re left to find our own ways to charge our new Galaxy S21 phones. Deciding on getting another charger for your new device can be a tough one. If you don’t really use up your phone’s battery during the day and charge your device overnight, then that old 15W charger would be okay. Addional the perfect charging experience of our phone gives a better refresh rate that perfect for android phones like S21 PhonesHowever, it’s those unpredictable times when you find your phone low on power and have no access to any wall charger or wireless charger that you’ll wish you had bought one in the first place. These ultra fast chargers can get you out of that pinch in a jiffy. A 30 minute top up from these chargers can get you from 0 to above 50% of battery life and gives you the freedom to go about your day untethered.Whatever charger you decide on getting, or if you’re content with what you already have, just make sure that they are from a reputable manufacturer like Caseco that also cares for your and your device’s safety.Also you can pair it with Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protector for perfect usage for everyday giving youWith less than a week to go before the Galaxy S22 goes on sale, we are excited to announce the launch of our latest designs of Samsung S22 case as well as designs for Samsung S22 plus case and the and Samsung S22 Ultra case at Caseco. Designs that will make you go awe!

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