Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The arrival of the New Year also welcomed a much anticipated event. Last year, the world fawned over the Samsung S21 and it’s amazing technological marvel but now, Samsung launches its flagship trio, the S22 series with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leading the pack. The newest premium flagship from Samsung boasts of many things that go beyond the expectations of last year’s Ultra.
Following the “Unpacked” event launch that just recently finished, many are now anticipating the release date which will be on January 29. While waiting for that special date, we’d like to introduce some of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cases. But first, a quick preview of that premium phone.

The Big S21 Brother
Samsung’s premium model deserves its “ultra” name because it is that. While its siblings are modest and are aimed towards the conscientious buyers, the S21 Ultra is for those who want the best. Period. With the matching price tag for it. Period.
Making no compromise with it’s size, hardware and software, and beautiful display, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the aptly named successor to the S20 Ultra. With that stand alone $1,199 price tag (it doesn’t come with the S Pen Stylus or a case), it’s an amount that will put off many discriminating buyers.

With specs like these:
6.8-inch 3200 x 1440 OLED display
Refresh rate of up to 120Hz (which Samsung says it can hit at full resolution)
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor (it’s most latest iteration)
12 GB of Ram
Up to 512 GB of storage
A 5,000mAh battery
12-megapixel ultrawide camera
Two 10-megapixel telephoto cameras, one with 3x zoom, the second with 10x zoom
A whopping 108-megapixel sensor with 100x zoom - it’s not difficult to see why that price tag reached that mark. But based on the driving philosophy of Samsung to create an opportunity for everyone to have a Samsung device, they have made a great balance of form, function and cost. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, they offer an amazing model with just the right flagship specs to those who can afford the premium model while keeping the quality and overall design.

An In-Depth Understanding of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Specs are easy to enumerate but an in-depth understanding of a premium line takes time and lots of insight. Let’s break down what these specs are saying and what the S21 Ultra is expected to prove to the whole world.

The Design and Display that Rocks
As we expect from Samsung’s premium flagship phone, it has all the bells and whistles to make it the best. It’s large where it’s supposed to be with that 6.8-inch display and small where we would like it to be. Those bezels are almost non-existent with a flat screen that just flaunts the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s beautiful QuadHD display.
The tiny selfie camera hole is almost invisible and negligible as soon as you start looking at the screen. The on-screen fingerprint has upgraded as well, with a 1.7x increase in surface area. It just means even with a less than accurate placement on the pad, you’re sure to unlock your phone without a hitch. Talk about necessary in a mask-driven society (I’m calling you out Apple).
And don’t get me started on the refresh rate. Compared to its predecessor, the Samsung S20 Ultra which had failed to truly bring out 120Hz on it’s FHD+ display, this Galaxy iteration had come through to the company’s promise. Of course, that will come at a price, leading to a faster battery drain, even with that 5000 mAh battery. But if you’re willing to revel in that overwhelming magical viewing experience then battery drain is probably the least of your concerns.
The designers at Samsung outdid themselves this year. They came out with a fresh design that’s leaps and bounds away from the more conservative design of last year’s model. Merging the camera bump to the frame making it look unique and striking. Plus, this year’s Galaxy series has the most variety in color choices. For the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the basic Phantom Black and Silver and the online exclusives Phantom Colorways Navy, Titanium and Brown. That brown is a rare color for any smartphone and I’m curious to actually see how Samsung will pull it off.

Level-Up in Hardware and Software
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra along with its siblings from the S21 series got a level up on the inside. Compared to last year’s S20, it’s faster because of the brand-new chipset, the Snapdragon 888 (or the Exynos 2100 outside the US) plus the proprietary Samsung OneUI 3.0 that has been thankfully tied to Android 11.
Although more real time hands-on tests will follow within the coming weeks, the speedy performance can be attributed to a more streamlined software interface. The menu is less roundabout now and goes through fewer windows to get to where you need.
You can also feel the snappiness of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra because of that massive 12 GB RAM for the base model which can bump up to an even bigger 16 GB. Talk about overkill but it may be necessary to maintain premium flagship status.
But this year marks a lot of changes both good and bad. We’ve gone over a lot of the good but a few of the bad is worthy of some attention. Even with the exceptional processing speed and the amazing user interface of the S21 Ultra 5G, you’ll still feel a loss for what’s missing.
Many people have been praising and commending Samsung for keeping the microSD slot in its phones but this year instead, its flagship trio will be offering a massive internal storage at the base level - 128 GB which may unfortunately not be enough for some people.
Let’s not forget about the S Pen compatibility of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s the only one within the series able to take on a Samsung Note feature. Some think it’s a gimmick while others think it's brilliant but the bottomline is there’s no way to attach that S Pen to the phone unless you get a phone case - which is proprietary and exclusive as of this writing.

Camera Genius
We all know that Samsung shines with its amazing display as well as their camera hardware and software. Well, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G compatible is no slouch in this department as well. In fact, even if many think five cameras is overkill (there’s a lot of overkill happening in this year’s flagship) the 3x, 10x and at times the 30x photo zooms take a shot with flawless clarity.
The new tripod lock feature contributes most in this aspect preventing the viewfinder from skittering about. Another notable feature that sets Samsung cameras from the rest (yes, Apple - you) is the ability to go from an ultra-wide view at 0.6x to digital zoom at 30x with great photo images every time. This means at 10x optical zoom, you can get closer to subjects at a distance meanwhile at 3x optical zoom, you’ll be showing that distance without any distortion.
The 1080MP main camera started with the S20 Ultra but had some problems with the autofocus up until a remedy was found in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. A laser was incorporated into the phase detection of the autofocus and that has actually made all the difference. But that’s not the icing on the cake. Samsung’s new Director’s View mode has actually caused quite a commotion as you can open all the cameras, front and back, simultaneously to capture videos.
This is the ultimate vlogger camera system giving videos that immersive feel. A camera genius that will push the boundaries of video editing and capture.

Battery That Goes On and On and On
The Energizer Bunny can’t possibly have enough juice to power the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G but then it doesn’t have to because of that impressive 5000 mAh battery. That’s a guaranteed full day - all day battery life for this flagship phone. But do remember that when you prefer to keep the 120Hz refresh rate and the QHD settings up, battery life will decrease significantly. Oh, and also, there’s no charging brick so you’ll need to check out some options for fast charging. Check out these best charging solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Caseco.

Cheaper But NOT Cheap
The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is set to sell at $1,199 at the base model and can go as high as $1,379.99 for the 512 GB variant. Although the price is lower by at least a hundred dollars from last year’s flagship models, paying over a thousand bucks isn’t really practical especially in the current economic crisis. You’ll also have to suffer through not having earphones and a charging brick that used to come in the box. That’ll be an additional cost if you’re planning to get the compatible fast charger for the phone. So, yes, it is cheaper but definitely not cheap.

Protecting That Costly Investment
Investments come at a steep price and it’s no wonder that we take extra precautions just to keep them safe. Having that extra protection could offer you just the right amount of complacency and keep you from getting too stressed over your new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
To that extent we’ve compiled a simple and straightforward list of the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case that you can consider.

Simplicity and Safety at its Best
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has exclusive colors that show what Samsung calls the “Phantom” hues. The colors are matte and show a side of seriousness but this is distinct with the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra line and showing off a little is of course, forgivable. Slapping on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra clear case can offer a couple of protection solutions. This Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case can: one, keep your investment safe and protected ;and two, keep you protected.
With the risk of a still growing global pandemic, many factors that can affect us can do so through the things we keep close to us. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g is definitely one of those things that bacteria and dirt can latch onto and these ultimately get transferred to us. An S21 Ultra case that can break that chain can be a great preventive factor stopping the transfer of these microbials to us before it can affect us. A simple and effective way to protect you and the people you love.

A Two-In-One Form Factor
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a huge phone. With its 6.8 inch sized display, you should expect it to be a handful as well. With such a big smartphone, it would be a convenience to have everything you need with you together with that smartphone. The Bond I Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra folio wallet case offers case option. With 2 credit card slots, a compartment for cash and a beautiful handcrafted design from premium vegan leather, you’ll not have to bring anything else.
It’s detachable too so if you just need your phone, you can grab and go. Need to watch Netflix, wanna catch up on your Amazon Prime drama on your Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g but also need to prepare for dinner? The case doubles as a kickstand so you can do two things at the same time. It’s also wireless charging compatible so you don’t need to take it off the case just to charge it. You can also use the phone case on a Samsung magnetic phone mount. A total package in one, sweet S21 Ultra case.

Vegan Leather
Many Galaxy S21 Ultra cases have been manufactured carelessly without considering design and production materials that will not negatively affect the environment. Great cases Samsung itself will recommend are from third party companies that have projected sustainability and environmental responsibility into their production and design strategy. Samsung has followed suit from Apple’s highly criticized move of becoming more sustainable and earth-friendly. And thought it has received the same flack as with its rival company, it went ahead with the plan.
Premium vegan leather feels like real leather but is made without harming any animals. This shows how much technology has benefited not only the human race but also the planet’s ecosystem. The Bond II Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra magnetic wallet case is also detachable using a tab and slot that can double as a convenient card slot. With just enough space to contain 2 credit cards, some cash and your Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G device, you’ll be ready to take on the 2021.
Even with the card slots behind the phone case, this S21 Ultra Case is wireless charger compatible. And unlike the material PVC which contains chlorine, a highly toxic chemical, PU is safer for the environment. Built with BPA-free and recyclable, sustainable materials, you’re not only keeping your investment safe, you’re also contributing to a global endeavor.

Stylized Casing
For the more fashion conscious consumer, a simple black folio may not cut it. There’s a running belief that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will probably be a favorite among the business men or the serious Vloggers mainly because of that premium pricing. But that camera set-up makes the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g a favorite choice by many and it’s not just those men in black. Keeping this in mind, Galaxy S21 Ultra cases will definitely be featured in colors and styles to get these ultra fashionista buyers.
The Sunset Blvd Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra wallet case comes in three pastel colors for the fashionista at heart. But that’s not all. With handcrafted premium vegan leather and a magnetic detachable phone case, this S21 Ultra Case is beautiful but functional. You can fit in 6 credit cards and 4 bills inside a cash compartment. It’s even wireless charger capable and mountable on a car mount so you don’t need to change the case when you’re traveling on long trips. And best of all, it’s made just for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Key Takeaway
It’ll be just a couple more weeks before the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Until then, you’ll probably be checking out articles and the Unpacked event over and over to get your fix. But it’s actually much better to check out ways of keeping your Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g protected and in great condition.
Checking out great Galaxy S21 Ultra cases isn’t only informative and beneficial, it’s quite fun too. A lot of cases Samsung is offering may end up costing a lot as well so viewing what third party accessories have come up is a great way to get budget but excellent quality protection. Get that protection and make sure your premium investment, that awesome Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, never comes under any damage.

Caseco is also highly excited to release the classic and stylish Samsung S22 case as well as other cases for other S22 phone models in the market. They’re handcrafted with excellence and styled with the highest degree of sensibility so you can carry them with confidence and convenience for a long time.

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