Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases

The long wait is finally over. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has been released and it looks stunning. In case you missed the unpacked event, Samsung’s new flagship phones are armed to the teeth with amazing features, such as the new One UI 3.1, better cameras, brighter screens, and the latest chipsets.

Buying the latest in cutting-edge tech isn’t cheap so you’d naturally want to protect such an investment. Before you grab your new Galaxy S21 Plus, get reliable, multifunction protection for it. With a ton of options, choosing the right Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case that really suit your needs can turn out to be a daunting task. But before we get to that, let’s look at the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases - Meet The Middle

Meet The Middle

The S21 Plus is the second largest phone among the 3 in the series. That distinction goes to the S21 Ultra. Now, it being in between the top of the line and the base model, you might think that it’s specs are some sort of hybrid mix between the two.

Well, the truth is far from it. The only things that it shares (barely) with the S21 Ultra are the large screen size and battery. Other than that, you could say that it’s a larger version of the base model Samsung S21. But don’t just dismiss it as an oversized vanilla S21 either. It does have a glass back that gives it a more premium look and feel as opposed to the plastic one on the regular S21.

You may have already heard that Samsung has ditched the charging brick from its latest flagship model lineup for the sake of sustainability. Caseco has been at its forefront by producing eco-friendly accessories that last.

In fact, we make the best Samsung Galaxy S21 accessories for all models including the S21 Plus, which you can check out here. The products featured here are made from recycled materials where possible and are tailor-made for your S21 Plus specs. Let’s look at these from our best Samsung phone case options for your Samsung Galaxy S21+.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases - Protection In Line With The Times

Protection In Line With The Times

We have to be vigilant because there are hidden enemies lurking all around - germs. However, it can be difficult to keep on sanitizing our hands and everything we touch all the time. An article from Business Insider states that people touch their phone 2,617 times on average a day.

Now, the study it’s based on by research firm Dscout got to this number on average, which means this doesn’t include people who are at the top 10% of the statistic. You do know that we touch our phones more than anything else everyday. That’s why you should have the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case that protects you and your phone at the same time.

This slim offering from Caseco works effortlessly day and night to fight germs while providing superior drop protection. The antimicrobial Samsung S21 Plus case features EPA tested and proven technology that fights bacteria and other microbes. It’s integrated into the material of the clear phone case and lasts the lifetime of the product.

The only reason for you to buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus clear case is to show off your new flagship phone and the S21 Plus has the broadest color palette of the bunch. The standard colors are the popular Phantom Violet and the neutral Phantom Silver and Phantom Black.

But if you choose one of the exclusive colors like Phantom Red or Phantom Gold, then your phone will surely stand out with this clear Samsung S21 Plus case. We’ve carefully chosen the sustainable materials used in the eco-conscious production of this case to give it the qualities you should look for in a clear Samsung Galaxy S21 case. They provide crystal clarity and let your phone’s color pop out. Another great thing about this case is that it doesn’t yellow over time.

This clear case also stands out in the protection department. It offers tested 8ft drop protection with it’s dual injection protection design. This absorbs most of the shock from dropping your phone. And with raised bezels it ensures that the amazing FHD Amoled 2X screen and the cameras on the gorgeous new cluster don’t get cracked. All these features combined give your phone the ultimate layered defence.

This case is also designed to fit your Galaxy S21 Plus perfectly with buttons that are precisely placed and have a nice natural feel as though it didn’t have the case on. Plus, it’s slim enough that you can fit your phone in your bag, a small purse, or even your back pocket. Because your phone goes wherever you go, give it and yourself protection you can count on.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases - Wallet Folio Cases Are The Way To Go

Wallet Folio Cases Are The Way To Go

Having a phone accessory that not only improves your flagship device but also your way of life is the way to go. Just as the Galaxy S21 Plus is designed to improve quality of life, these wallet folio cases do so not only by protecting your phone but by letting you bring all your essentials with you wherever your path takes you. Caseco offers 3 sleek wallet folio cases that match your style and needs. Check out the Bond II Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus folio wallet case.

Stylishly Multipurpose

These wallet folio cases are made with cruelty-free vegan leather that lend it a touch of style that’s uniquely you. They’re stylishly multipurpose because they’re a wallet and phone case rolled into one that offer versatility unlike any other product in the market.

The wallet phone case is detachable letting you have the flexibility of only bringing your phone if you want to. It can be reattached to the wallet folio and is firmly held in place via strong magnets. This provides a perfect fit and ensures your phone doesn’t fall out of the wallet folio. And unlike a typical view cover, these wallet folios have a magnetic clasp that ensures they stay closed and secure.

Suppose you want to take advantage of that free on-demand streaming service that came with your new phone. These wallet folios convert to a kickstand so you can enjoy the show hassle free. Now you can watch your favorite shows on your Samsung S21 with hands-free comfort.

The Bond I Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus magnetic wallet case comes in black and has 2 card slots and a side pocket for those essential IDs and a few bills. The Bond II has pretty much the same layout for the wallet folio. However, its included phone case has an additional card slot to carry 2 cards along with your phone. If that seems a bit bare for you, the Sunset Blvd. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus wallet case have 6 card slots and a side pocket for everything you might need.

It comes in 3 colors - black, purple, and teal. As far as 2-in-1 accessories go, they bring to the table a unique sense of style and utility by protecting your phone and letting you bring your cards, IDs, and some cash around while giving you the choice to bring only what you need.

Technologically Advanced

Technologically Advanced

If these features aren’t enough to impress, these wallet folio cases have more features that put them a cut above the rest. Besides offering great versatility, these wallet folios protect your sensitive data.

You can rest easy knowing that your cards and the valuable data they contain stay safe inside the wallet with anti RFID and EMF blocking technology. This provides data protection when the wallet is closed. Only when you open the wallet folio can you make cashless transactions without the need to take your cards out of the slots.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll need to use your phone for navigation at some point and we’ve prepared you for that eventuality. The strong magnets that attach your case to the wallet folio will work with any magnetic car mount.

No need to slip your phone into another case or use adapter plates. How convenient is that? If you don’t have one already, take a look at these magnetic car mounts that fit your phone and your ride.

And if you’re worried about your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus’ wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, these cases don’t interfere with them in any way. You don’t have to take the phone out of the case to wirelessly charge. That’s 2 more features that make these wallet folio cases better than any other case or view cover.

Totally Protected

Now these best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases wouldn’t be in this list if they can’t guarantee the one thing they’re supposed to do - protect your phone from drops. The phone cases that come with these phone cases with card holder offer drop protection rated at 6ft. Now, combine that with the wallet folios, your phone is also protected, front and back, from scrapes and scratches.

The card case also protect your Galaxy S21 Plus from potential water damage. The inner layer of the wallet folios are water resistant to match the IP68 rating of your device. No need to worry about your phone getting waterlogged in the off chance that they get soaked, phone wallet and all. This also makes cleaning your wallet folio easy.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Cases - Summing It All Up

Summing It All Up

It’s hard being stuck in the middle. With mostly the same features as the base model, some people might ask if the price difference is justified. However, in this digital age, screen real estate is an important factor and most would agree with that. It also doesn’t mean that the S21 and S21 Ultra aren’t good phones. Do check out The best cases for your Samsung devices on our website.

Their features are definite improvements over the previous models and make them the best phones in the market right now. Just like it, the Galaxy S21 Plus cases featured here offer the best protection for your phone and so much more.

Caseco’s collection of cases lets you and your phone live the best life together.
And you can enjoy the same longevity with our latest arrival - Samsung Galaxy S22 case for the upcoming Samsung S22 series comprising of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22.

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