The Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases In 2022

The much awaited release of the next generation of Samsung flagship phones is finally here. While the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the base model of the lineup, it’s no slouch because it shares the same chipset as the S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra. The new chipsets enable all the phones of the Samsung Galaxy S21 line to be 5G phones.

In this article, we take a brief look at how the Galaxy S21 5G stacks up against the other two phones in terms of features. Then, we’ll look at the best Samsung Galaxy S21 case options from Caseco versus others.

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Feature Packed

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Feature Packed

As with all flagship phones, this lineup is packed with the latest and greatest features. Among them is the new UI from Samsung. Other features that are shared by all models in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series are the IP68 rating, and 120Hz screen refresh rate.

Sadly, all the phones also lost expandable storage capabilities. Instead, they come with ever increasing internal storage options that may soon rival other external storage device capacities.

The top of the line Galaxy S21 Ultra gets most of the upgrades like the quad camera setup, 40MP selfie camera, and curved Quad HD display. It’s in the screen and camera department that Samsung really focused on in the top of the line model of their flagship phones.

It also has 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage. And for the first time outside the Galaxy Note series, the S21 Ultra now has S-Pen functionalities.

The S21 and the S21 Plus have a flat screen with 1080p resolution and have 10MP selfie cameras. Both phones have 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage options. They retain the triple camera setups with the similar specifications as the previous models.

The main difference is how the camera bump now extends around the edge of the back, melding with the sides.

Speaking of backs, the base model Samsung S21 5G is the only one with a plastic back. The other 2 models have the new Gorilla Glass Victus front and back. That means it is the only one highly susceptible to scratches and nicks. If you do choose the base model, then buying a phone case is a must.

If you still haven’t picked up a Samsung phone case, looking for the perfect one can be difficult, with so many options out there. Here, we've narrowed down your choices and laid out great options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at these best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases for your Samsung Galaxy S21.

Show Off Your Galaxy S21 Colors

Show Off Your Galaxy S21 Colors

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S21 clear case for your phone is usually the plain and simple option. This isn’t the case with the Samsung Galaxy S21 though. The base model of the flagship line sports 4 colors including the two-tone Phantom Violet and Phantom Pink. The other colors on this model are the Galaxy S21 5G exclusive Phantom Grey and Phantom White.

If you’re a fan of the new camera bump design and the color palette of the Samsung Galaxy S21, then clear phone cases are your best choice. Caseco’s antimicrobial Samsung S21 clear case is a slim and ergonomic option that offers more than just phone protection. It provides 6ft drop protection for your phone without making it look and feel like a brick. It also ensures your phone is free from any microbes all day, everyday.

Besides these two, it also has a lot of other features that make it the best basic phone protection for your Galaxy S21 5G. Since your new Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t come with a charger, getting a separate charger and cable won’t be a problem because of the large cutouts. They’re big enough to fit any USB-C charging cable.

If you want to go the wireless charging route, it lets you wirelessly charge your phone without needing to take the case off. The buttons are precision molded and give a good tactile feel. You also get raised bezels for the screen and the camera cluster to protect them from drops and scratches.

The this antimicrobial case offers added protection with its EPA proven germ killing technology. Besides protecting your phone, it also protects you by killing 99.9% of common bacteria and germs, helping your phone stay clean so you stay healthy.

Even while you sleep, this special germ fighting treatment on the case doesn’t rest and lasts for the lifetime of the product.

The eco-friendly materials used in the production of this case gives it crystal clear quality that doesn’t yellow over time. Carrying around and showing off your new Samsung Galaxy S21 is so easy, fashionable, and worry free

A Case Is Not Enough

A Case Is Not Enough

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 can do a lot of things so why not get a case that’s the same. In this regard, Caseco offers these stylish and multi purpose Samsung Galaxy S21 cases.

The Bond I Samsung S21 case with card holder and Sunset Blvd Samsung Galaxy S21 wallet case are made with premium vegan leather that exudes class and style.

These elegantly Samsung Galaxy S21 5G wallet cases come with detachable phone cases and features that make them so convenient to use.

As for features, these folio Samsung S21 wallet cases have 10ft drop protection rating and wrap around your phone to protect it from scratches. The detachable Samsung S21 cases are held in place by magnets, making them magnetic car mount compatible for those times you need your phone for navigation.

Placing your phone back in the wallet is easy as the magnets align the phone and wallet perfectly.

Everything is securely held in place with magnetic clasps as well so the wallet doesn’t accidentally open. Don’t worry, the magnets won’t affect the wireless charger compatibility of your Galaxy S21 5G.

These wallet folio cases give you the versatility you need when going out. They have adequate pockets for your daily essentials. The Bond and Bond II have 2 card slots for your important IDs and cards while the Sunset Blvd has 6 card slots for all of them.

These Samsung Galaxy S21 leather cases also have a side pocket for your cash and receipts. Unlike other wallet cases, you’re not limited to having your phone always stuck inside your wallet. Keep them together so you’ll always bring whatever you may need with you or bring them around separately depending on the situation.

Whether you only need one or the other, or even both, these wallet folios let you do so and more.

In case you want to enjoy watching your favorite movies on the gorgeous dynamic AMOLED 2X screen of your Samsung Galaxy S21, these wallet folios convert to a useful kickstand.

They let you simply enjoy the show hands free. This feature makes your phone become the perfect entertainment partner.

Just as the Galaxy S21 5G has an IP68 rating, these wallet folios are made of water resistant materials. This means they won’t get soaked in case they decide to take a dive or you spill water on them.

Any excess water just slides right off so all you need is a little pad down to dry them off. It also makes cleaning the wallets a breeze.

Capping it all off is the advanced Anti-radiation and RFID blocking technology on the wallet folios. Besides having an added layer of protection for your phone, they protect your sensitive personal data as well.

If you’ve switched to wireless payments for most of your transactions then all you need to do is open up the case to use your cards. You won’t even need to take them out of the pockets.

With all these features integrated into elegant packages, these Galaxy S21 5G cases definitely have more style than the defender series. Seriously, clipping your phone onto your belt is so retro. And with all the fanciness of the view cover, it isn’t really that practical.

First off, it doesn’t really offer any rated drop protection for your phone. Second, the highlight of that case, the smart view cover, actually covers the camera lenses at the back when you flip it all the way around which makes taking pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S21 an awkward affair.

The Bond I comes in a sleek black color. What sets it apart from others is the Bond I has an extra card slot at the back of the phone case.

You can carry your phone and a couple of your most important cards with you at all times. The Sunset Blvd is available in 3 color options - black, purple and teal.

These Galaxy S21 cases are made with BPA-free and recycled materials. Moreover, they’re animal cruelty free. They’re also shipped in eco-friendly packaging which minimizes Caseco’s carbon footprint.



There you have it, these are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases for your new flagship phone. Whether you want a simple case that brings out your Samsung phone's colors while adding an extra layer of germ protection, or a stylish multi-purpose case that’s a 2-in-1 deal, Casesco offers the best accessories to fit your needs.

These cases are surely as feature packed as the Galaxy S21 5G. They offer so much more than just basic protection at competitive prices versus the competition.

Plus, the features they have are more practical are really well thought of. This is especially apparent in their design and the materials used in their eco-conscious production process. Here at Caseco, we not only protect you and your phone, we’re also protectors of the planet.

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