Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S21 Line

Gone are the days when a wall charger is included in your brand new phone. The Korean tech giant has opted not to include a usb wall charger in their recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 line. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker but it is somewhat annoying, especially if you don’t have a spare charger.

However, this also opens up other opportunities for you to charge your phone. If you haven’t already. It may be about time to get a wireless charger to go along with your new Samsung flagship. Let's look at the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S21 line to match your phone and personality.

A Gallery Of Colors

Before we dive into the list, just what colors are available for the S21? Samsung has really upped the color options this time around. The S21 line of phones have a whopping 11 colors, the most number of color options in a phone series. Just so you don’t get lost in all these options, let’s recap which colors are available in what model.

For the shared colors, we have the popular Phantom Violet seen in the S21 and S21 Plus. Next are Phantom Black and Phantom Silver for the S21 Plus and the S21 Ultra.

For the exclusive colors we have the following:

S21 - Phantom White, Phantom PInk, Phantom Gray
S21 Plus - Phantom Red, Phantom Gold
S21 Ultra - Phantom Navy, Phantom Brown, Phantom Titanium
Note that the exclusive colors for the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are only available on Now, on to the accessories.

Uniquely Yours

The Apollo Marble wireless charging pad in Unicorn is really spellbinding. It doesn’t lust look pretty, it’s packed with features as well. It has a 10watt, Qi certified fast wireless charging output. It’s sleek and compact design is made with high grade aluminum and it has heat resistant technology.

The LED charging indicator lets you know the charging status of your phone. There are non slip grips on the top and bottom to keep it and your phone in place. This fast wireless charging pad is perfect for your office desk or bedside table. It’s the perfect charging accessory for your S21 device in Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Silver, or Phantom White. Accessorize your device to be uniquely yours.

Elegantly On The Go

For the muted colors found on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, we have the Apollo Marble wireless power bank in black. It has a large 8000mAh battery to wirelessly charge up your Galaxy device. It delivers 10watts of power for the quickest mobile wireless charging speeds. The aluminum body is compact and portable. It also has 2 USB-A ports making it able to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

The plus sign on the top is a non-slip grip to keep your device in place. The black marble design would go well with the Phantom Black, Phantom Brown, Phantom Titanium, and Phantom Grey colors. It’s also available in Marble Gold color for your Phantom Gold S21 Plus. This is the elegantly mobile charging solution for your Galaxy S21.

Colors To Match Your Vibe

Now for the 2 remaining colors, Phantom Red and Phantom Navy, we have the Nitro II wireless charging pad. These wireless chargers are also an option if you’re not into the marble design. They come in 9 different colors that will match any of the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices.

They also have the 10 watt Qi certified power delivery for wireless charging and heat resistant technology. The LED indicator is also present here. It’s case friendly so no need to take your phone out of the case to wirelessly charge it.

Charging Must Haves

If you plan on purchasing the Apollo Marble Wireless Power Bank or the Nitro II charging pad, make sure to buy a Q2 Quick Charge Qualcomm 3.0 wall charger + 2.4A fast wall charger. It’s the best partner for these devices so they can reach their maximum power output.

This wall charger has a 30watt output and is compatible with any device. It has 2 ports, the Quick Charge 3.0 and a 2.4amp, to charge 2 devices simultaneously. It’s like having 2 chargers in 1. It’s also lightweight and portable, featuring a foldable plug.

You might also want to get color matching cables for your Nitro II. These charging cable products come in the same colors as the Nitro II. They’re braided for extra durability and are 2 meters long. And because they’re Type C, they transfer data and power faster than USB-A cables. They also come with cable organizers to keep things tidy.

Charging With The Times

If this pandemic has taught us an important lesson, it's to keep yourself safe by making sure everything you touch is sanitized. Since your phone goes everywhere you go, it would be wise to give it a thorough clean at the end of the day. The UV sterilizer box with wireless charger from Caseco does that and more.

It’s UV sanitizing feature can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It’s large enough to fit your Galaxy S21, keys and more. After sanitizing, it can also wirelessly charge your phone with up to 15watts of power. LED lights indicate sanitation and charging status. It’s lightweight and portable so you can bring it wherever you go.


Missing out on some things, like a charging brick, isn’t necessarily bad. It means you don’t have to settle with what’s in the box and you can choose to charge your phone in an elegant and stylish way that matches your personality.

If you’re looking for the most trending Samsung Galaxy S22 case, as well as S22 Plus cases and S22 Ultra cases, check out our collections. At Caseco, our phone cases are handcrafted and made from vegan leather to support the ecosystem.

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