Must Have Accessories For Uber And Lyft Drivers

An Uber or lift driver, who wants to give your passenger the best experience ever when they step into your car and realize that your car has products such as a braided cable cord, Phone mount, Universal magnetic dash mount. You can't do without these items in your car. They are crucial for the comfort of your passenger and will help you have an easy, stress free ride all day long. These products have proven to enhance customer relationship, between the passengers and the drivers. Give the passengers a worth for their money and make them come back again.


Here is the must have products for UBER and LIFT drivers:


1. Rugged Braided lightening USB cable: for passengers who always prefer to get engaged in good music and also charge their phones before arriving at their destination. It is necessary for you to have a Rugged Braided lightening USB cable, so that you can produce the liveliness that your passengers desire. This will help to improve your driving experience and that of your passenger. Thus, having a charging and transfer Braided or micro USB cable, will ensure that you can charge your phone in cases of a flat battery. You can also use it to connect your passenger’s phone to a sound system whenever they desire a particular music of their choice. Depending on your pocket, you can decide to get cables at various prices. Cables such as a 2m Rugged Braided lightening USB cable, a Rugged Braided Micro USB cable or a Rugged Braided USB Type C cable. They have got tangle free design that make it travel friendly. The 2m Rugged Braided lightening USB cable is made with the highest quality component, for a high conductivity, a longer life span and superior signal transfer. Charge up all your devices with the 2.4 amp braided lightening cable. It is a must have product for Uber drivers as these cables will ensure that your various kinds of phones, can be connected to your system's USB port for synchronizing and charging.


2. Mountie Universal Vent Mount: this is most likely to be the most important product an Uber driver needs. This is especially required when you're riding to places that require the use of GPS.  It then becomes a difficult task for you to look at your phone and also drive at the same time as this can be dangerous and your passengers will frown at it. Hence you need a very good, portable, small vent car Mount such as the Mountie universal vent mount. It can work with any kind of vehicle and has a 360° rotation that let you rotate your phone or device any way you want. It is very thin, almost invincible and can work with different kinds of vehicle. The Mountie vent will ensure your phone is protected from any form of road vibrations and, it is very easy to install. It is a very convenient and easy way to mount your phone and maintain an eye contact with it while driving.


3. Core 360 Universal magnetic in car dash mount: this is another must have product for Uber/lift drivers. Quite similar to the Mountie universal vent mount in function. It is advisable, for Uber drivers to have this small magnetic car mount that can dock your Samsung, iPhone or any other phone devices to your dashboard in a snap. A magnetic universal phone mount holder, that will enable your phone to stay in place even while you're on a high speed on an uneven road. It has a 360 degrees’ rotation with tilt view 30 degrees to either side. Another great advantage of having this product is that no matter where you install this mount holder, your device will be facing you for easy access. In summary, the Caseco Core 360 magnetic car mount is the perfect phone holder for your car. This will increase your focus on the road and also enable a smooth communication with your passenger.


For a passenger to come back for your services, he/she must have been guaranteed a safe driving experience with you.

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