iPhone 14 Battery Capacities For All Models

Gadget fans will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Apple has planned for its new iPhone 14 flagship smartphones, but Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has revealed some details of what we can expect. He’s said that the iPhone 14 will have a big battery boost that you should not miss on the upcoming lineup.

We’ve already got a pretty good idea of what Apple’s next-generation iPhone is going to look like, with all the recent leaks seeming to show a phone that brings an edge-to-edge display closer to reality. But there’s still plenty we don’t know. Here are all the most recent rumors about the iPhone 14 today.

The latest iPhones are here and the Pro models are getting bigger, with a longer-lasting battery. These iPhone 14 models will be the first iPhones to receive this update, which means you can enjoy more time using your phone.

iPhone 14

Apple has reportedly made plans to change the battery life for every iPhone 14 models except for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This comes as a huge surprise, as Apple has typically been known to only change their iPhone designs every three years or so. It is unknown at this time what the exact battery life will be on these phones, but they are rumored to offer a lot better than the previous models.

As carriers are ready to encourage people to adopt digital, embedded SIM cards rather than physical ones, Apple will offer eSIM a stronger push this time around, according to Gurman. In fact, for some models, Apple has thought about doing away with the actual SIM card port completely starting this year or next.

This is not the first time that Apple has considered removing the iPhone's SIM-card slot. Doing so would allow Apple to make a completely portless iPhone, but it hasn't happened yet on the iPhone 13 but will probably be seen on the new iPhone 14. Apple's new iPhone 14 is still in the 'consideration' phase but I think it's safe to say that embedded sims will be something for the iPhone 15 as per Gurman. Or even as a revamped version of the iPhone 14 for particular markets.

Apple has been hard at work over the last few years, and the iPhone 14 Pro is their latest masterpiece. With features like improved ultra-wide photography, autofocus on the front-facing camera improved facial recognition, and the power of the A16 chip, this smartphone is sure to impress.

The regular iPhone 14 is expected to be a relatively incremental upgrade over its predecessor. This update on the iPhone 14 will likely include “some” camera hardware changes, but we’re really not expecting much more than that.

Plus, there are rumors that Apple completely redesigned the regular iPhone 14 while offering no changes at all to the Pro model. If that’s the case, there’s a good argument for buying an iPhone 13 Pro instead of a regular iPhone 14.

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Fans of apple products are now eagerly awaiting the launch date of the iPhone 14. The time is nigh: September 7 is finally here, and it’s time to unveil the new iPhones. After months of leaks, rumors have turned into reality and we can finally see what Apple has in store for us. New designs, updated hardware, and maybe even some surprises await you this Wednesday.

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