The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14

We are fast approaching the announcement and eventual launch of the iPhone 14. With this in mind, several questions come to mind in relation to what to expect and how the next iPhone will come to be.

As the release draws near, more and more buzz occurs. Let us take a look at the latest speculations related to this much-awaited device.

The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14 - Models

The iPhone 14: Will There be Four Models?

While we do not know much about the iPhone 14 at the moment, what sort of outlook do we have? It is speculated that Apple will skip a mini model and instead, shift its focus on producing medium to larger models of the iPhone 14.

Nikkei Asian Review, a business and tech news outlet reported in the previous year that the absence of an iPhone 14 Mini would take place. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also indicated in a note obtained by MacRumors that the launch of a mini model did not spark the interest of Apple

Kuo mentioned as well that the iPhone 14 would comprise four models. These four models would consist of a high-end as well as a low-end line each with two options for size.

What about naming conventions related to the upcoming Apple iPhone? Name speculation has been a topic of discussion. Rumors indicate that a small shift in naming conventions is to be expected. It is speculated that "Pro" would designate to high-end specs while "Max" would refer to larger screen size.

The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14 - Evolution of iPhones

Size Of The iPhone 14

Will screen sizes be small? Can we expect a line featuring large screen sizes? Tech enthusiasts have asked how large we could expect the upcoming iPhone 14 models to be.

Experts indicate that it would be insightful to look at past iPhone releases to predict upcoming sizes. The two previous iPhone lineups have featured two sizes, with the first being a 6.1-inch size for the standard model and a large 6.7-inch size for the Pro Max.

The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14 - Camera Lens

What Do Reports Say?

Nikkei Asian Review has reported that it is of Apple's best interest to remain with these sizes for the much anticipated iPhone 14. While doing so, the company is also looking to eliminate a 5.4-inch mini model.

Enthusiasts may find themselves wondering why Apple may be looking to not push through with a smaller-sized model. A March report by 9to5Mac has indicated unfavorable sales of the iPhone 12 Mini.

Given this, it would come as no surprise that Apple would choose to retire the smaller-sized offering in the year 2022.

While the size of the upcoming iPhone is expected to remain the same, enhancements can be expected by iPhone enthusiasts.

For the eventual Pro Max model, display bezels are rumored to be about twenty percent smaller compared to iPhones of previous generations according to CAD renders shared by ShrimpApplePro, a Twitter leaker.

This would mean that the screen or display of the iPhone would be larger.

iPhone 14 And SIM Card Speculations

What can we expect from the latest iPhone 14 release? It was in the year 2020 when sources began to report that Apple planned on eliminating physical SIM cards entirely for their iPhones.

At present, leaks suggest that the iPhone 14 would be the first model to push through with such a plan. 9to5Mac had broken down multiple sources and leaks to find that foreign sources claim that the iPhone 15 Pro would eventually be physically SIM-free.

Along with this, it has also been found that MacRumors reported an anonymous finding that Apple was preparing big-name carriers for eSIM-only phones by September of this year. An Apple leaker by the name of DylanDKT had also been found to be in agreement with reports indicating the removal of physical SIM card trays. However, his Twitter account had since then disappeared.

The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14 - Rumors

Running On The Mind Of Every iPhone Enthusiast

When Can We Expect the iPhone 14 Launch? While there has not been an abundance of reputable release date rumors for the upcoming iPhone 14, we expect Apple to announce the iPhone 14 release date during its annual fall iPhone event in September.

This is especially plausible given that almost every year, an iPhone is announced during such an event, with the phone being made available to the public shortly after.


Here Is What We Know

Apple frequently holds its events on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. In the previous year, the company held its iPhone 13 event on September 14, a Tuesday.

Release dates of the iPhone have been observed to be typically a week and a half post-announcement by the company.

Trends have shown that iPhones are usually released on a Friday, around the third week of September. In 2021, iPhone 13 preorders began on September 17, and units were made to go on sale on September 24.

A few years back, a phenomenon entitled the Labor Day hypothesis had been made by CNET in relation to the Apple event timeline. Such a hypothesis would place the annual September Apple event and consequently, the reveal of the iPhone 14, on September 7 while September 16 would serve as the release date.

It is worth noting, however, that the Labor Day rule was found to be a week off in the previous year, 2021. In 2020, it had been observed to be about a month off due to coronavirus delays.

The Latest Scoop On The iPhone 14 - Driving

For All iPhone And Tech Enthusiasts

What now? Apple releases a wide array of new devices every year. We, as enthusiasts, have much to be excited about as MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches are released all year round.

Of all gadget offerings by Apple, the iPhone takes the number one spot and is undeniably the most anticipated by tech enthusiasts. To recap, we expect that there will be four models- a high-end line and a low-end line, each with two size options.

We also expect an iPhone 14 that is physically SIM-free and that the much-awaited iPhone will arrive in the fall.

Whatever there is to expect from this new iPhone, you will definitely need an iPhone 14 case to protect your new Apple device if ever you're getting one.

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