Does iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Fit 14 Plus?

Ah, the age-old question that haunts iPhone enthusiasts - does the iPhone 14 Pro Max case play nice with its slightly smaller sibling, the iPhone 14 Plus? It's like trying to fit an elephant into a Mini Cooper! But fear not, my tech-savvy friends, we're here to unravel this sizing showdown and bring you the juicy details. So buckle up and get ready for some iPhone-size shenanigans!

Sizing Showdown - Comparing The Dimensions:

Alright, folks, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of iPhone dimensions. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, with its majestic presence, measures approximately 6.7 inches (171.9 mm) tall, 3.3 inches (78.1 mm) wide, and 0.29 inches (7.65 mm) thick. It's the giant of the iPhone family, with a screen that's like a cinema in your pocket! But does its majestic case fit the slightly more compact iPhone 14 Plus?

Drumroll, please... the answer is... well, not quite! The iPhone 14 Plus is just a smidge smaller, measuring approximately 6.1 inches (146.7 mm) tall, 2.9 inches (71.5 mm) wide, and 0.28 inches (7.85 mm) thick. It's like Pro Max's adorable little cousin trying to keep up with the big leagues.

So, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max case might give the 14 Plus a warm hug, it won't fit like a glove. It's like trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans after indulging in a three-course meal - close, but not quite there!

Unraveling the Camera and Button Placements 

Now, let's dive into the intimate details of camera and button placements. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is known for its jaw-dropping camera prowess, with lenses that could give a DSLR a run for its money. And those sleek buttons, perfectly placed for your thumb's delight.

But alas, dear iPhone 14 Plus, though a worthy contender, doesn't share the same camera and button configuration. It's like having your favorite puzzle pieces not aligning - frustrating, right?

The camera cutouts on the Pro Max case might be too large for the 14 Plus, leaving you with a quirky (oops, we said it!) sight. And those buttons? Well, they might not be as easily accessible on the smaller device.

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So, there you have it, folks! The iPhone 14 Pro Max case may be a charming companion for the iPhone 14 Plus, but it's not a perfect match in Apple heaven. While they might share some similarities, their subtle differences in dimensions and camera-button placements make them two distinct beings.

So, before you go on a shopping spree, pick the right case for your beloved iPhone! It's like finding the perfect pair of shoes that fit like a dream - comfort, and style all in one! Happy iPhone accessorizing!

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