Best iPhone 12 Pro Accessories

With the latest release of iPhone 12 Pro, the best way to enjoy and get the max out of the new iPhone is to have the right accessories. But with different accessories available in the market, how would you know which is right for you?

In this post, we'll discuss different must-have accessories that will not only match your iPhone 12 Pro, make your experience a game-changer but also mention about our latest release of handcrafted iPhone 13 cases.


Go With An Innovative Power Bank

Tangled cables are a thing of the past and that includes power banks. Caseco’s wireless power bank provides fast charging that meets the Samsung and Apple charging standards.

You no longer need to keep on purchasing cables. And whether you're packing light or traveling for an extended period, these wireless power banks will keep your iPhone 12 Pro charged at all times.

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Security Using A Phone Car Holder

Protecting your new iPhone 12 Pro from scratches and dents not only applies to phone cases. More often than not, car mounts can damage our phones.

With the right product, we can comfortably use our phones while driving without the worry it would fall out or leave a dent.
An overall option is the Car Vent Phone Holder from Mighty Mount. You'll always have a perfect view of your screen with its wide tilt and rotation.

The compatible vent grip makes it easier and unique from other car mounts is its adjustable holder grips. It secures your Apple iPhone with the most durable, non-slip grip.



No More Wear And Tear with Wireless Charging

Regular plugging and unplugging of your charging cables can wear and tear your smartphone sockets. With a lot of wireless chargers on the market, it’s important to look at two features-fast charging and Qi certification.

And Caseco offers both with their Apollo Marble Wireless Charger Pad. Built with environmentally friendly materials, you get to help the environment and make your iPhone 12 pro last longer. As an added bonus, Caseco uses 100% recycled paper for their boxes.


Complete Your Look With Bluetooth Beanies

Christmas is near and the weather can get colder but AirPods won't keep you warm. The Bluetooth Beanie's Slouchy Fit in black offers warmth, style, and music.

Listen to your favorite music without the trouble of tangled earphones or worry about losing your AirPods in the snow. These Bluetooth beanies are machine washable making them a must-have accessory.

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Tech Savvy and Innovative

Smartphone accessories are advancing at a rapid speed. These developments can improve our day to day activities and cater more to our comfort.

There are hundreds of iPhone accessories out there and not all of them are worth considering. Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide and get the best iPhone accessory out there.


UPDATE: The iPhone 13 models are out in the market. The best way to enjoy them is to pair them with the right accessories.

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