Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a big upgrade, with a never-before-seen design and features that will hype up any gadget junkie.

But like other cautious consumers and die-hard Apple fans, you might want to prepare the things you need to protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max before even taking it out of the box, like an iPhone Screen Protector.

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector is already available everywhere, but it sure is a challenge to find one that suits your taste and style while ensuring durability, quality, and sustainability.

We’ve rounded up only our collection's best iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors. Meanwhile, check out our best screen protector in this article, so you’ll never have to worry about scratching your screen right out of the box.


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iPhone 12 Pro Max Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue light is harmful to the eyes. According to a study by the University of Toledo, blue light can negatively impact eyesight and even speed up blindness when used in the evening.

The blue light emitted by electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, like your iPhone 12 Pro Max, can penetrate and damage the retina, especially when the light is emitted at a high frequency.

With that, what you need is the best blue light screen protector like the iPhone 12 Pro Max blue light screen protector blocks harmful blue light while providing full-color viewing that is friendly to your retinas. It works like blue light glasses.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector

Ever had someone next to you on public transportation staring at your phone while you were using it? Pretty annoying, but the solution is easy - buy yourself a Privacy Screen Protector like this iPhone 12 Pro Max privacy screen protector.

Annoy these nosey people with this screen protector, and have the privacy you deserve. Polarization technology makes the front view 100% visible once installed, while anyone within a 45-degree range sees nothing!


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iPhone 12 Pro Max Flexible Screen Protector

If you’re someone who likes to switch cases from time to time, you might want to check our Flexible Screen Protector out.

The thinnest, most flexible screen protector ever at 0.01mm, this iPhone 12 Pro Max flexible screen protector is surprisingly durable.

It’s also coated with oleo phobic coating for that anti-fingerprint realness. Most screen protectors wear out if you like to change your cases from time to time, but this one is as flexible as flexible gets!


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iPhone 12 Pro Max Glass Screen Protector

Last but definitely not the least is the Screen Patrol Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Did you know that a typical mobile phone has about 25,000 bacteria per square inch? A study by the University of Arizona found that the average smartphone has more than 1,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.


So why not shield yourself from bacteria and scratch-proof your screen at the same time? This iPhone 12 Pro Max glass screen protector prides itself on its germ-fighting technology and kills 99.9% of common microbes breeding on your phone.

With its crystal clear, the barely-there thickness of 0.33mm, say goodbye to scratches and never worry about fingerprints anymore.


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Screen Up!

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is not the cheapest phone on the market, so it deserves all the protection and love from its user.

If your iPhone 12 Max Pro is equipped with any iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector featured in this article, you will be able to prolong your phone’s life and enjoy its scratch-less screen for much longer.

Next thing you know, you’d be upgrading to the next new iPhone while your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is still good as new!


UPDATE: While considering screen protectors, don’t forget to check out our cute iPhone 13 case collection as well as other cases available for iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max here at Caseco. Accessories that are designed to safeguard your device!

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