Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Screen Protector

So you found a sweet deal and finally got that iPhone 12 you’ve been eyeing. With its gorgeous screen, we understand why you spend so much time in front of it. But too much on-screen time can hurt or even damage your eyes in the long run. What you need is something that protects your phone as well as your eyes like Caseco’s Blue Light Screen Protector.

Premium Protection
Now you don’t want to scratch your brand new Apple iPhone 12 right? So the first thing you do is install a screen protector. But any old iPhone screen protector just doesn’t cut it. They don’t protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. This iPhone 12 screen protector guarantees 9H hardness to protect your phone from scratches up to 9 times than an unprotected screen. With its anti-blue light filter, it acts like blue light glasses which ensure your eyes stay protected as well. Trust us, your eyes and slippery fingers will surely thank you for it.

Maximum Viewing Pleasure
This screen protector is designed to give the maximum end-to-end coverage of your phone’s screen. And with its open edge design, it’s compatible with any iPhone 12 case. Those fingerprints, streaks and smudges can also be an eyesore. This screen protector’s glass is not only anti blue light coated, it’s smudge resistant as well. Say goodbye to those irritating marks on your phone’s screen. The glass is also only 0.33mm thick so it’s merely noticeable. But what’s important is that it doesn’t ruin your view of that beautiful screen. You get that crystal clear quality that you deserve. It also maintains your screen’s touch sensitivity, maintaining optimal operation of your device.

Think Long Term
Now if you’re in the market for an iPhone 12 screen protector, consider giving your eyes some protection. It will surely pay off in the long term and you’ll be glad you made the right choice. Get an iPhone 12 Blue Light Screen Protector now!
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