5 Environmentally Friendly Back to School Products For 2020

Whether you’re back in class physically or still learning online, it’s still important to get yourself set up for the new school year. Having the right products like a wireless charging pad or iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases can make learning easier, and when you can choose environmentally friendly products, why wouldn’t you? We’ve put together a list of our top five back to school products that fit in with a sustainable lifestyle.


1. Earth’s Choice™ Biobased Round Ring View Binders

The key to successful study is staying organised at all times. No matter what you do, you’re bound to have a fair amount of printed paper to deal with, even if you reduce this as much as possible. To ensure that you don’t misplace anything, and so you don’t end up printing sheets again, you need a way to store all of your notes. This is where Earth’s Choice Binders come in. Using a combination of biobased material and recycled plastic, these binders are also designed to last you for life – once you buy them, you’ll never need to replace them.


2. Unruled Notebook

Even if you use a laptop for most of your notetaking, at some point, you’re going to need some good quality notebooks to scribble on. One of the best ways to learn is by hand-writing your own notes in a way that you understand. So, whether it’s the beginning of an essay, homework plans, or just a to-do list, having a notebook is a must. Unruled have a great range of eco-friendly notebooks. With the cover made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled material and the interior 30% recycled, Unruled even plant a tree for every three notebooks they sell.



When you’re out and about, whether heading to class or to the library, you need a good place to store everything in a way that’s both easy to transport, and easily accessible. No one likes having to rifle through their bag for five minutes trying to find the highlighters you know that you packed. The Alpha Convoy 120 from Ogio has everything you need and more. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s both environmentally friendly and durable. Not only this, but it has an internal laptop sleeve and customizable storage, so you store all your items in the way that works best for you.


4. Baronfig Squire Rollerball Pen

Searching though drawers trying to find any pen that works isn’t the way to start a new year of school. You need a pen that’s reliable and writes smoothly so that you can concentrate on taking notes and planning projects – without ink smudging everywhere. Cheap plastic pens are thrown away in the thousands every year, which contributes to plastic pollution. The Baronfig Squire Rollerball Pen might seem pricey when you can buy pens at a dollar store, but once you start writing with one, you’ll never want to change. The great thing about this pen is that it’s refillable, which is great for the environment.


5. Caseco Bond Wallet Phone Case With Card Holder

While you shouldn’t be looking at your phone during class, let’s face it, our phones are miniature computers now, and we need them to be able to quickly look something up on the go.

With an in-built calculator and note taking programmes, not to mention voice recording and emails, a mobile phone has become an essential part of studying.

That’s why it’s so important to keep them safe and protected. With the wallet phone case with card holder from Caseco, you are getting all of this protection plus the ability to store credit cards and cash. Made from sustainably sourced vegan leather, it’s also environmentally friendly and designed to last.

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