Top 5 List of Eco-Friendly iPhone Accessories

Nowadays, everybody is talking about the pandemic COVID19, climate change and how people need to pay more attention to protecting themselves and the environment. There are plenty of people who go out of their way to help others and some even change their lifestyle just to make sure that they are safe from viruses.

However, not everybody is willing to do that at this point. But there are simple things you can do to live a green life and protect the environment. For starters, you can start picking up eco-friendly accessories to style up your iPhone. And doing this wouldn’t require you to change anything about the way you live your life.

We know, it's challenging to find eco-friendly iPhone accessories... that is why we compile the 5 best products for you.


iBamboo Speaker

iBamboo Speaker

If you’re really serious about getting eco-friendly accessories, then you might consider buying a speaker dock for your iPhone that doesn’t use electricity at all. The iBamboo is carved from a piece of bamboo and when you put your iPhone in and play some songs, it amplifies the sound naturally. You aren’t going to get a big sound from this, but for use in a small, close room, it could be ideal.


Sunset Blvd Leather Phone Cases

Sunset Blvd Leather Phone Cases

Looking for eco-friendly leather phone cases that can organize your iPhone and can act as a card holder at the same time? Look no more, presenting Sunset Blvd Collection of Leather Phone Case from Caseco. These wallet cases are made with premium Vegan leather and have RFID shielding technology that will surely protect your iPhone. Built with BPA-free, recyclable materials and no animal cruelty. Also, they secure their products with their uncoated paper packaging with plant-based ink print, which is eco-friendly and petroleum-free. 

Beswill Solar Charger


Beswill Solar Charger

A power bank that is very suitable for people who are always on the go and love travelling. This is a solar charger built-in 8000mAh battery that can charge your iPhone for 4 to 8 times, depending on the model. The solar power bank weighs only 7.8 ounces, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, bicycling and many more. You can put the solar power bank in direct sunlight to charge it or use a micro USB cable and plug it in.

Plusus Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

Plusus Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

This charging pad features a beautiful, minimalistic design, handcrafted from sustainable eco-friendly Cork material, super thin and flexible. If you are looking for a wireless charging pad with natural organic qualities and universally compatible with wall chargers and not harmful to the environment, then this is the right one for you.


Plusus Xpad Wireless Charging Pad

Symphonized Wood in-Ear Earphones

These earphones are handcrafted with genuine wood and can produce a crisp powerful acoustic sound with strong deep bass. It has a unique noise cancelling in-ear canal design that reduces ambient sound for an exceptional audio experience. Very user-friendly, you can answer or end calls, activate Voice Control, skip tracks with a smart built-in in-line microphone with this product. The earbuds included in the package also have a sleek tangle-free nylon cord that comes in fourteen different colors.

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