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5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case
5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case
5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case
5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case
5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case

5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case

5th Ave Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case

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Ditch the bulk. Samsung Galaxy A15 wallet case holds 5 cards, cash & coins. Plus, RFID protection and hidden convenience - take calls with the case closed. Sleek. Secure. Smart.

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RFID + EMF Blocking Samsung Galaxy A15 Wallet Case

Our wallet phone case acts as your silent sentinel, thanks to an integrated RFID-blocking layer. This invisible shield repels unauthorized scans, keeping your credit cards and IDs safe from electronic pickpocketing. But the protection extends further. The eco-conscious vegan leather wallet case also functions as a bulwark against electromagnetic fields. It blocks up to 99% of radiofrequency signals, including the latest 5G networks, and significantly reduces EMF exposure by up to 92%.

How does anti-radiation work on our wallet phone case?

Concerned about the health effects of constant phone use? This phone wallet case offers built-in RFID & EMF shielding technology. Imagine a built-in shield that works like a bodyguard against electromagnetic radiation. The "Active Mode" lets you engage the radiation shield simply by flipping the flap closed during calls. Clever cutouts ensure microphone and speaker access for crystal-clear audio, so you can shield yourself without compromising communication. When you're not on a call, the "Passive Mode" positions the flap towards you, deflecting radiation away from your body for an extra layer of peace of mind.

Organize Like a Pro With 5 Card Holder Case

Say goodbye to digging through your bag for your ID or credit card. This Samsung Galaxy A15 wallet case (made with vegan leather) boasts a generous five card slots, so you can ditch your bulky wallet and travel light. Keep your essentials organized and easily accessible, whether you're running errands, hitting the gym, or enjoying a night out.

Wireless Charging Compatible

Forget the hassle of tangled wires. This Samsung wallet case is wireless charging compatible. Simply place your phone on your wireless charging pad (not included) and enjoy the convenience of cable-free charging, all without removing the case.