Will My iPhone 13 Case Fit on the New iPhone 14?

Yes! If you currently own an iPhone 13 and are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 14 regular-size model, here's some good news: you don't need to switch out your existing iPhone 13 case. The iPhone 14 regular-size model is compatible with the same case, eliminating the need for an additional purchase.

This compatibility ensures that you can save both the hassle of finding a new case and your hard-earned money. So, if you already have an iPhone 13 with a case, rest assured that it will work seamlessly with your new iPhone 14 regular-size model.

Nevertheless, while the iPhone 13 cases can generally fit the iPhone 14 due to their similar overall dimensions, slight variations in depth or component placements may affect the fit and functionality of the cases. Users should carefully assess factors such as protection, access to buttons and ports, and camera performance before deciding whether their existing iPhone 13 case is sufficient for their iPhone 14.

Understanding The Dimensions Of Both!

Despite a mere 0.01-inch difference in depth, both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 share identical dimensions in terms of their 6.1-inch display screen, 5.78-inch height, and 2.82-inch width. This minimal difference in depth does not warrant the need to invest in an entirely new case, unless you personally desire to do so.

The similarity in size between the two models ensures that your existing case will comfortably accommodate and protect your new iPhone 14, saving you the expense and effort of purchasing a replacement case.

Is it still worth it to invest in a new iPhone 14 case?

Deciding whether it is worth investing in a new iPhone 14 case depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Protection and Fit:

If your current iPhone 13 case provides adequate protection and a secure fit for your iPhone 14, there may be no urgent need to purchase a new case. However, if you find that your existing case does not offer optimal protection or if it hampers access to buttons, ports, or camera features due to minor dimensional differences, investing in a new case designed specifically for the iPhone 14 may be worthwhile.

Style and Aesthetics:

If you value having a fresh and updated look for your new iPhone 14, investing in a new case can provide a chance to personalize your device according to your preferred style and aesthetics. This allows you to align your case choice with your current preferences and showcase the design of your latest iPhone model.

Features and Compatibility:

The iPhone 14 has introduce new features or design elements that are not present in the iPhone 13. If you want to take full advantage of these new features or ensure optimal compatibility with accessories like wireless chargers or MagSafe attachments, investing in a new case designed specifically for the iPhone 14 can offer peace of mind and convenience.

Resale or Handing Down:

If you plan to sell your iPhone 13 or pass it down to someone else, keeping the current case for your iPhone 13 can help maintain its resale value or provide a protective cover if it will be used by another individual. Purchasing a new case for your iPhone 14 ensures that both devices have appropriate protection tailored to their respective models.


In the debate of whether iPhone 13 cases can fit iPhone 14, it is evident that despite the visual similarities and nearly identical dimensions, it is recommended to exercise caution when assuming compatibility. While the difference in depth between the two models may be negligible, minor variations in component placements or design elements can impact the functionality and fit of protective cases.

When considering whether it is worth investing in a new iPhone 14 case, it ultimately comes down to individual preferences and needs. If your current iPhone 13 case provides sufficient protection and fits snugly on the iPhone 14 without obstructing any features, there may be no immediate necessity to purchase a new case. However, factors such as desired style, updated features, improved compatibility, or the need for optimal protection may influence your decision to invest in a new case.

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