Top Rated iPhone 12 Mini Cases

The iPhone 12 Mini is a beautiful phone that you want to protect from unsightly dents and scratches. So you need a tough iPhone 12 Mini case. The problem is - there are just so many options to choose from. 

But with this review, you will be more confident on what iPhone 12 Mini case you should invest in depending on style and performance. 

The iPhone 12 mini model is available in six elegant colors: soft green, deep blue, traditional black and white, red, and a calm purple hue.

You can take advantage of each of these colors by choosing the right iPhone 12 Mini cases that reflects your personality. 

Whichever color choice you make, you will find your MagSafe iPhone 12 Mini case in our collection. So take a look at our top picks for you.

We listed Caseco’s best iPhone 12 Mini cases below according to the color of your iPhone 12 Mini. 

Wave iPhone 12 Mini Case by Henvy

Wave iPhone 12 Mini Case by Henvy

Of all the brighter hues, blue is the most popular of all. It is liked by both young and old, men and women.

For the blue iPhone 12 Mini, you can never go wrong with Wave iPhone 12 Mini case by Henvy. This iPhone case is elegant and sleek and can give reliable protection to your device. 

These fashionable iPhone 12 Mini cases feature an ergonomic construction and are built with reinforced polycarbonate, giving drop-tested protection without excess bulk.

The raised bezel also provides reliable screen and camera protection against everyday bumps and accidental drops.

It’s a perfect choice for fans looking for something unique and timeless that does not add too much bulk and weight to your phone.

Why It’s Great

  • Tough and durable
  • Beautiful, unique design 
  • Color naturally matches the pacific blue hue
  • Timeless
  • Colorful


Who It’s Right For

  • Those who prefer calm and cool tones
  • Fans of the deep ocean
  • Anyone who enjoys light blue colors
  • For fans who are beach-goers
    Leaf iPhone 12 Mini Case

Leaf iPhone 12 Mini Case

You probably love the outdoors and mother nature if you chose the green iPhone 12 Mini. And this Leaf iPhone 12 Mini case by Mandy is the perfect buddy for your iPhone.

These pretty iPhone cases are designed with raised corners for screen and camera protection. 

Introduce this calming presence into your everyday activities with the calming effect of its green hue. They’re not only elegant.

These cases for iPhone 12 Mini are made with tough recycled pc materials to prevent damage from cracks and bumps. They’re also built with antimicrobial technology to get rid of 99% bacteria.

Why It’s Great

  • Raised corners for screen and camera protection
  • Fashionista charm
  • Durable and strong
  • Unique design created by local artist Mandy
  • Scratch Resistant

Who It’s Right For

  • Fans of nature lovers
  • Festival- and beach-goers
  • Those who enjoy retro or vintage patterns
Pastel iPhone 12 Mini Case

Pastel iPhone 12 Mini Case

Another creation by Mandy that’s worthy of your investment is the Pastel iPhone 12 Mini case. This is simple yet sophisticated and is perfect for your red iPhone. 

The design is not so complex, yet the basic stripe patterns create a relaxing feeling for the eyes.

Aside from its beautiful outside appearance, it can handle scratches, bumps, and drops with its extra-protective 10-foot military drop-tested case and raised Bezel.

You can also enjoy the convenience of cable-free charging because this cute Apple iPhone 12 Mini case is MagSafe charging compatible.

You may also want to find a matching wireless charging pad for a more convenient charging experience.

Why It’s Great

  • An excellent choice for a bold character
  • Great protection
  • Colorful and exciting

Who It’s Right For

  • Those who are goal-driven
  • Fans of the color red
  • Anyone with a bold sense of style
iPhone 12 Mini Flower Case

iPhone 12 Mini Flower Case

Caseco collaborated with local artists to offer you great designs on our phone cases for this iPhone series. These fashionable iPhone 12 Mini cases will showcase your mood and lifestyle. 

We have the iPhone 12 Mini flower case by Mandy, which feature the finest custom pieces built for iPhone 12 Mini.

It has a stunning pattern that looks simple yet sophisticated. This iPhone 12 Mini phone case also has raised corners for camera and screen protection for your device. 

The patterns blend perfectly with the gold iPhone, and this flower iPhone 12 Mini case checks all the boxes of what you need for your phone.

Whether you value appearance, style, or protection - this can be your best bet! Its decorative appearance and clear finish also make your device look beautiful from all angles.

Why It’s Great

  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Scratch resistant
  • Elegant floral design
  • Ergonomic design

Who It’s Right For

  • Fans of flower designs
  • Those looking for something light and elegant
  • Fans who love nature
    iPhone 12 Mini Clear Case

iPhone 12 Mini Clear Case

The next most popular color choice for iPhone 12 mini is white, which can be seen as conservative and classic. And clear phone cases just suit it very perfectly!

Now, this antimicrobial iPhone 12 Mini clear case takes protection to the next level. It’s antimicrobial. It has an integrated germ-killing technology that gets rid of 99.9% of common microbes.

Need we say more? Aside from this superpower, the case has more awesome features:

They are clear, slim, and ergonomic. So it’s not bulky and you get to show off the iPhone 12 Mini’s gorgeous design. The this clear iPhone 12 Mini case is also compatible with a wide range of wired and wireless chargers.

They offers tough protection. Military drop tested and made of high-quality materials, it is shock-absorbent without being too unwieldy.

Why It’s Great

  • Great for the minimalist fans
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Can easily compliment with any outfit

Who It’s Right For

  • Fans who prefer minimalist cases
  • Those who want to showcase the beauty of their phone
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