Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11 In 2022

We’ve almost all been there...

You’re not paying attention. For just a moment. Then the phone slips out of your hand, and you watch in slow-motion as an expensive smartphone hits the pavement and cracks the screen. In an instant, you’re out a few hundred dollars. If not more. Screen repairs can be expensive, but if your phone’s damaged it could cost even more.

While prices are coming down on older iPhones, it’s still not something you want to shell out if you can possibly avoid it. A new iPhone 11, for example, could cost anywhere between $400 and $599. And that’s Apple’s budget-friendly model.

So it goes without saying that a tough case is a must-have to protect your iPhone 11. Now it’s just a matter of what kind of iPhone 11 case?  

Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11 - iPhone 11

The iPhone 11: A Visual Masterpiece

With the iPhone 11, next-generation features and processing powers finally landed in a budget-friendly smartphone.

First released in 2018 as an alternative to the increasingly expensive iPhone lineup, the 11 remains just as stylish and just as coveted years later. That’s largely thanks to its gorgeous 6.1-inch edge-to-edge display, super-fast A12 bionic chip, and six jaw-dropping color options.

It’s a good bit more durable than previous iPhones too, with an IP67 rating (resistant to water and dust) along with a frame that’s much harder to bend than the infamous iPhone 6. But at upwards of $599, it’s still a serious investment for most phone buyers—and one you’ll want to be sure to look after.

Fortunately, you’ve got no shortage of choices when it comes to protecting your iPhone 11. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-tough, something stylish, or just a practical case at a great price, Caseco’s got what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look …  

Our Top Pick: Magneto Slim Rugged Phone Case

When it comes to picking the toughest new iPhone case, there can be only one. And that one is Magneto Slim rugged iPhone 11 case.

Newly-released for all iPhone models and several others, this radical new case combines enhanced drop protection with improved ergonomics and an embedded metal plate for magnetic mounting. It’s got a multi-layered design and it’s compatible with wireless chargers and car phone holders right out of the box.

We love these iPhone 11 cases because it just goes a little bit further in terms of offering awesome new features protecting your overall investment. From the carefully engineered lip around your screen to the flat gripping surfaces, everything has been considered here so it’s an easy case to be confident with.

The Magneto Slim is currently available in 4 different colors for your iPhone 11.  

Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11 - Clear Phone Case

Go Fashion-Forward with the Fremont

Like most great things, the abstract iPhone 11 case started with from a simple idea—to deliver a dependable, tough, and stylish iPhone 11 phone case at a great price.

As you can probably imagine, this became a pretty popular idea with Caseco’s customers and the Fremont line soon featured almost a dozen different styles from crystal-clear polymer cases to waving patterns and sparkling glitter.

Underneath, you’ve got an iPhone 11 abstract case that’s tough enough to pass military-grade drop tests (810G 516.6) with precision-cut holes for buttons and a perfect fit for the iPhone 11. But on the outside, you’ve got whatever kind of style your heart desires.

No matter who you are or what your style, there’s always the Fremont phone cases for iPhone 11 for you. There’s even a leather belt holster designed specifically for use with the Fremont case. We think there’s a clear choice with the transparent case, allowing you to flaunt your iPhone’s dazzling colors. But the clear case also makes it hard to hide the metal rings used for magnetic phone mounts on your car.

Almost all of Caseco’s Tough Case designs begin with the Fremont design, and once you’ve got it in your hand you’ll understand why.  

Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11 - Antimicrobial Case

Antimicrobial iPhone 11 Clear Phone Cases

Another clear choice is anything that helps to keep you and your family safer; and our antimicrobial clear iPhone 11 case are designed to do exactly that.

They’re embedded with a new kind of germ-fighting technology that can prevent common pathogens from growing on your phone, putting a stop to up to 99.99% of common threats.

Given how attached we all are to our phones, this would make perfect sense in a normal year. But 2022 is no normal year.

Of course, our antimicrobial iPhone 11 phone case is based on that same proven Fremont design, so you’re getting the same level of rugged protection. They’re wireless charging compatible and magnetic mount compatible as well.

Perhaps the best part about these antimicrobial iPhone 11 phone cases (and the antimicrobial screen protectors to go with them) is that the germ-fighting compound is actually embedded in the phone case for iPhone 11 and screen protector. So you don’t have to worry about it just rubbing off after a few weeks or months.

As we’ve mentioned before, these kinds of clear phone cases are a no-brainer for anyone in the medical field, along with many teachers, parents, or caregivers. When it comes to keeping yourself and your community safe and healthy, every little bit helps. 

Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11- Wallet Case

A Shout Out to the Sunset Blvd iPhone 11 Case

As we’re going through all these drop-tested, military-grade tough cases, it’s important to note that you don’t have to sacrifice style just to get security.

With the Sunset Blvd. iPhone 11 wallet case, you’re sort of getting the best of both worlds. On the inside, it’s a Skin Shield-style slim case that’s easy to handle and designed to absorb the shock of drops and impacts. Then, you’ve got a magnetically-attached iPhone 11 case with six RFID-protected card slots and a pocket for your loose bills.

With the wallet wrapped around the phone, you’re unlikely to take a spill or experience a drop that will really do damage to your screen or internals. You can detach the two if you want to mount your phone in the car for navigation, or you can snap them back together and cut out your purse from your daily routine.

So not only do you get rock-solid protection from everyday bumps and drops, but you also get four great colors to choose from and unparalleled wardrobe flexibility. You can even add accessories to get a color-matched case, wireless charger, and charging cable.

If that’s not enough; the eco-friendly Sunset Blvd iPhone 11 case with card holder is actually made using vegan leather, plastic-free packaging, and with a percentage of the sale going back to charity. That means you can enjoy awesome style without any guilt …  

Best Heavy Duty Cases For iPhone 11 - Screen Protector

Don’t Forget the Screen!

Of course, the most important part of any touchscreen phone is the screen itself. If the touchscreen cracks, you are looking at unsightly damage. If it breaks, the phone could be rendered practically useless.

So when you consider the fact that an iPhone 11 screen protector costs about half as much as the average smartphone case, you realize why it is an absolute must-have upgrade for your iPhone 11.

That’s pretty much common knowledge in 2022. Most people don’t even leave the store without a screen protector installed on their phones. But that’s part of the problem; since local stores are going to sell you the screen protector that makes them the most money … not necessarily the best accessory for your needs …

What’s the right screen protector for your iPhone 11, then? Well, we always like to recommend tempered glass over plastic. Tempered glass is generally just a more durable choice than plastic, with better clarity and hardness at a price that’s not too much more expensive. After all when it comes to protecting and covering the screen of your smartphone, why not spend a few extra dollars?

Today’s tempered glass screen protectors can offer some interesting benefits as well, like integrating a privacy screen into your smartphone’s screen or adding a blue light filter to ease eye strain after long hours staring at the computer.

We especially like the antimicrobial as a universal upgrade for pretty much everyone. The added protection from germs on our smartphones’ surface is a serious benefit at a time like now.

You might also want to consider a wireless charger for your iPhone since it can help you maximize battery life and get the most out of your iPhone.  

Better Safe than Sorry

So there you have it! Our 4 top choices for tough iPhone 11 wallet cases, along with an honorable mention for the absolutely awesome iPhone 11 case.
If you want to max out on awesome new features and really bring your iPhone 11 into 2022, then the rugged case has to be your top choice.

It’s just too tough and too flexible to ignore. If you want something a little more stylish, or just a little more serene, there’s the classic Fremont tough case—our most budget-friendly case to make the list today.

Next up, the new antimicrobial case makes absolutely perfect sense for just about everyone. Getting sick in 2022 has taken on all new meaning, so keeping yourself healthy and germ-free is that much more important.

Ultimately, anything is better than nothing when it comes to protecting your investment. But each of the cases listed today provides above-average protection at prices the competition simply can’t beat.

As always, each case is packaged in North America using plastic-free packaging. And a portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to charities.

That means you can’t go wrong with any of the cases covered today. So which one is right for you?

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