Top iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mounts of 2021

Having a car cup holder phone mount is important if you want to use your iPad/tablet when driving. No matter what your need or desire at the moment is – be it reading a map, playing music, or watching Netflix while waiting – a tablet car mount conveniently provides a viewing platform while holding your precious iPad/tablet. Instead of placing your gadget anywhere in the car or holding it, you can have hands-free ease with a tablet mount, not to mention peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your device.

Here at Caseco, we offer premium iPad & tablet cup holder mounts for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at our top iPad & tablet cup holder mounts of 2021:


360-Degree iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount

With extra-strength stability and a 360-degree range of motion, the 360-Degree iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount is an ideal tablet mount.

For one, it fits securely in the cup holder of most cars, trucks, golf carts, and other vehicles. If ever your car’s cup holder is bigger, no worries because this cup holder mount has an adjustable base. To expand the base, simply twist the knob. The three silicone pads will make the base fit bigger cup holders.

Another great feature of this mount is its wide range of motion. Rotatable to up to 360 degrees, it provides a perfect view of your tablet no matter what your position is. Do you want to charge your tablet, listen to your playlist, or make hands-free calls? Position your tablet in portrait view. Need to use your favorite navigation app? Best to position your tablet in landscape view. You can also tilt this mount to 90 degrees so your iPad/tablet will lie flat and be out of the way of your car’s controls.

Universally compatible, this iPad cup holder mount works with most iPads and tablets measuring 3.5 to 12.9 inches.

It’s also easy to install, another reason why it is well-recommended by buyers.


iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount with Long Neck

Another top of the line tablet car mount in Caseco’s collection is the iPad & Tablet Cup Holder Mount with Long Neck.

Perfect not just for most tablets but also phones, this cup holder mount will take your driving convenience to a higher level.

One of its awesome features is extra-strong hold so you can be sure your iPad or tablet is safe even on bumpy roads.

It also fits securely in the cup holder of most cars, trucks, and other vehicles. For larger cup holders, the base of this mount can be adjusted. Simply twist the knob and the three silicone pads will make the base fit a big cup holder.

For optimal viewing no matter what your position, this tablet cup holder can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Now you can easily view your navigation app in landscape mode or listen to your favorite playlist in portrait mode. Simply choose the angle that best fits your needs.

This flexible cup mount holder fits most iPads and tablets with widths of 3.5 to 12.9 inches.


Simpl Long Magnet Dash Mount

Did you know that aside from cup holder tablet mounts, you can also use magnetic mount holders for your tablet or phone?

Take a look at the multipurpose Simpl Long Magnet Dash Mount.

When placed on a flat surface, this magnetic mount can safely hold and support your iPad, tablet, and other devices in place while you drive. After all, it is designed with a non-slip pad and 4 strong magnets that ensure powerful magnetic force to keep your tablet or phone from falling off or shaking even on uneven roads.

Another great feature of this magnetic mount is its unobstructive, minimalist design. When placed in your car, it will not block your view, allowing safer driving.

Let’s not forget this mount’s multi-functionality. Aside from vehicle usage, this magnetic mount can also be used in your kitchen, office, and other living areas. It can hold other products like your keys or knives.


Best Place in Your Car to Mount Your Tablet

When choosing where to mount your iPad or tablet in your car, the best place is where it feels most convenient for you. Whether you prefer to mount your device on your cup holder with a cup holder mount or place it on your dashboard with a magnetic mount, the important thing is you have a quality mount that completely secures your device.


Final Thoughts

Every driver deserves a dependable car tablet mount. Shop your perfect mount at Caseco or buy car mounts at Mighty Mount. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, remember to always prioritize driving safety and enjoyment.
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