Protection For All Ages

Our eyes naturally deteriorate over time. And during these times in 2022, we spend more hours on our devices. The blue light from these screens affect our eyes in the long run. The future is only going to be more screen heavy so protecting our eyes should be a priority. Think about your children or your grandparents on their iPad. Caseco has the perfect solution - the Blue Light Screen Protector.

On Screen Protection

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Whether your loved ones are studying online or watching a movie, the blue light coat of this anti blue light screen protector shields their eyes from harmful radiation emitted by your device. It’s only 0.33mm thick so it’s barely noticeable but still provides up to 9 times more protection than an unprotected screen for your iPad. The tempered glass is rated 9H for that ultra-hard protection in case they accidentally drop their device. You can slap on any case you want. This screen protector has an open-edge design and is case friendly.

Sensitive Care


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With a larger screen real estate, those unwanted marks such as streaks and smudges are very noticeable. Besides the anti-blue light protection, this screen protector also has fingerprint and smudge resistance to keep their screen looking nice and clean. The anti-blue light coating only prevents blue light from getting through like how blue light glasses works so their screen maintains its natural color and vibrancy. With its small profile, they maintain seamless operation of their Apple iPad. It retains its touch sensitivity. But, is this screen protector compatible with Apple Pencil? Definitely!

The Future Is Digital


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With social distancing as the norm, the wave of the future is headed towards having to spend more time on-screen. And everybody is along for this ride. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll be exposed to blue light for longer periods of time. Show your loved ones that you care by installing this blue light filter screen protector made by Caseco on their device.

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