All That Glitters Is Gold

That shiny new iPhone 12 mini is certainly golden. It’s part of the top collections today, boasting to have one of the best features in any 2020 line-up to date. But you think there’s too little glittering to be seen in that pale shaded external color.

You go to Google and look for a custom phone case asdcover to up the ante.
At Caseco, we have that custom iPhone 12 Mini Cases you’re looking for that glitter in three colors for your new iPhone 12 mini to razzle dazzle you and your friends.

Bring Out Your Inner Glitter

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Our iPhone 12 Mini glitter case features a slim ergonomic design. It doesn’t weigh a ton plus you can still flaunt the original color of your phone. Its clear protective design adds umph while letting you enjoy that iPhone color that you carefully chose. None of those solid designs that keep your beautiful iPhone hidden.

Pretty But Tough


You’ll be relieved to know that it’s not just a pretty custom phone case. It’s tough too. Having gone through a military drop test at a 20-ft height, you’re sure that your pretty investment is also safe. Your Apple iPhone 12 Mini is definitely safe and secured.


Everything Needed At The Right Place

Those power and volume buttons are well-protected by precision-molded polycarbonate covers. The soft inner shell is made out of smooth high-quality rubber that effectively absorbs shock so even at a drop your iPhone 12 mini internals won’t do an Elvis Presley - you know - an “I’m all shook up, uhuh.” That’s going to give you peace of mind.

Go Wireless


You’ll be happy to know that your glittering case can go wireless too. Slap it on and just match it up to your Apollo Marble Wireless Charger Pad and leave it to juice up. Simple, easy and oh, so glittery cute.

Practical and Functional

Even cute can be practical and work for those need-to moments. All Glitter Phone Cases are compatible with all types of wireless chargers, MagSafe Chargers and car phone holder products from Mighty Mount. It’s an all in one golden glittery bundle. So what are you waiting for?

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