iPhone 14 Versions And Design

According to spreading iPhone 14 leaks, Apple’s upcoming series is expected to unveil four devices that will be available in two different sizes. 

The best smartphone is getting better. The iPhone 14 is expected to have a bigger display and a smoother rear surface with no camera bump while maintaining its slim profile.

Here is what users can expect from the launch. The new iPhone 14 will include all of the features you've come to expect from your phone, plus the latest and greatest in technology. It has been with all of your favorite features and then added a few that you'll love.

What iPhone Versions Will Be Released

Apple’s iPhone 14 release date is just weeks away, and it is time for some excitement. Apple will not only introduce one iPhone series but four.

That’s right, an iPhone series for everyone out there including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro (both 6.1 inches), as well as the iPhone 14 Max, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max (both 6.7 inches).

Get ready for Apple’s latest and greatest. According to Apple analyst Kuo Ming-chi, the Pro versions of both models will come with an A16 processor, giving you faster speeds than ever before.

While the A15 chip will stay at iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, that is the same with iPhone 13 series.

The Apple iPhone 14 will finally bring some much-needed upgrades to the line. All models are expected to start at 6GB of ram, which is a massive increase over last year's 4GB. 

Since the release of the Mini models, average sales for these models have reportedly been lower than expected.

This is the reason why there are rumors that there will be no announcement of the
iPhone 14 Mini at this upcoming event. 

Are There Any iPhone 14 Design Changes 

When it comes to design, Apple is known to follow a three-year design cycle. The first year invested in redesigning the overall look of the iPhone.

In its second year, you'll see some alterations from the previous design. While in the third year, the design changes are very noticeable.

Apple‘s next-generation iPhones will look different from last year's models, and we think it's because this year marks the third year.

We expect some
iPhone design changes this year and there have been rumors that have emerged about what these changes could be.

A shift in iPhone design is coming and it’s all about the 2022 iPhone lineup that is expected to have a new design that replaces the large notch on the front with a punch hole camera. 

The latest iPhone 14 will have a smooth back that is devoid of a camera bump, thus giving it a sleeker, more modern look. The new iPhone design will feature a round volume button.

It’s a design round detail that was last featured on iPhone 4 and will bring back the delight to Apple fans and make the phone feel more comfortable in your hand.

The iPhone series in this upcoming Apple iPhone 14 launch date is the most exciting, innovative, and impressive phone that Apple has ever made.

It will come with a bigger screen size of 6.7 inches which is the first time happened to non-Pro models. This makes it a great choice for large-handed people or small-handed people who want a little more screen real estate.

The new and highly-anticipated iPhone 14 from Apple is here, and it's the biggest one yet. You know the saying that you can’t put a price on quality.

Well, you can’t put a price on protection either, so make sure your iPhone 14 is covered with an
iPhone 14 case. A phone case will make sure your phone is protected against cracks and scratches, so you can enjoy the brand new look of your phone and use it for a longer time.


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