Speculations on iPhone 14 Release Date

The iPhone 14, which we’ve been calling the greatest Apple device, is expected to hit shelves in September. We all want to know what the new iPhone 14 is going to look like and feel like in our hands.

The iPhone 14's design outlook and how you interact with it on a daily basis can be important factors when considering which phone to buy.

The iPhone 14 is such a hot ticket right now that an overwhelming number of iPhone 14 rumors and predictions are circulating about what it's going to look like, what features will be included, and when it will be released. We've done our best to sort through all that information to bring you some concrete details.

Speculations on iPhone 14 Release Date - Leaks

It's possible, or maybe it's not. But there's one thing we know for sure, the release of the iPhone 14 will be the most interesting smartphone launch event of our lifetimes.

What will Apple reveal?
When will the next iPhone come out? Many people are making their guesses on the launch date, but we're staying mum until we know more.

Well, the wait for a new iPhone is finally over. Rumors say from a good source Apple insider that the much-anticipated iPhone 14 will arrive earlier than our expected launch date. 

The iPhone 14 is in the pipeline and the iPhone 14 leaks are spreading everywhere on the features of our upcoming smartphone. Apple's iPhone Pro lineup is expected to skip the notch and opt for a pair of cutouts.

Speculations on iPhone 14 Release Date - Lens

And if you love taking photos, the iPhone 14 tries to take it to the next level. You’ll expect that its main camera bumped up to a 48MP sensor and it has a wide-angle lens that can capture you and your friends in a single shot.

And in the meantime, the
iPhone 14 Mini is not going to be produced. It's just not coming out but there will be an iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple plans to release a new phone this next few weeks and while we don't know everything about it yet, it's looking like a great leap forward from the past iPhones.

If it does end up being true then that would also mean that Apple plans to launch these new phones at the upcoming event on September 7 according to a Bloomberg report.

At this point, we're just going to hold off on making any kind of judgments until the company actually releases them


Apple iPhone 14 Release Date According To Leakers

Leakers were all over the place with the Apple iPhone 14 launch date, but most were in agreement that the second week of September seemed the most likely time for the release.

This anticipation is opposite to Gurman's report of a September 7 release date. While some reports claim the launch is happening on September 6, other sources say it could be later in the month.

Speculations on iPhone 14 Release Date - Rumors

Apple has never before held an event on a Wednesday. While they do like to hold events on Tuesday, September 6th is the day after Labor Day and is the perfect day for Apple to announce their new line of iPhones.

Past events were not on that exact schedule, but Apple has a history of holding events not right just after a holiday like the iPhone 6’s launch date so probably September 7 is the more accurate date for the event as per Gurman. 

There have been some reports recently that Apple has experienced production delays, which could result in shortages of its newest Apple iPhone 14.

The latest four models are expected to show up this year but there are rumors that they will be in a staggered release. However, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this new phone.

The iPhone 14 is the most anticipated product of Apple today and you're excited about getting your hands on it.

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