Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases

As most of us are always on the go, whether it is for work, study, or play. It is a need to have a mobile device that we can bring anywhere to complement our daily activities.

When we say mobile, it can be a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Considering which is easiest to carry around with as many features and functionalities as possible, it is more common for people to have a high functioning Apple iPhone like an iPhone 12 Pro.

This has become more apparent, especially since the pandemic started and we have transitioned from face-to-face engagements, to a work from home or study from home set-up.

Although it started as a quiet lull with lockdowns happening all over the world and markets crashing down or going on a stand-still, society pushed its effort to keep some semblance of normalcy. We have to, and we did, thus “the new normal”.

Since then, roughly two years after the covid-19 pandemic started, to supply the demand for smart tools like smart phones, sales of mobile devices skyrocketed at a fast pace with customers witnessing gadgets from popular tech brands selling out.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Clear Phone Case

Change Was Inevitable And We Adapted

Aside from meeting our professional and technical needs for online school or work, we can’t help it, but also ponder over our wants. After all, a better phone means better performance. Either your priority is gaming, photography, or speed and memory, we all have our wish list.

So, it is typical to know the specifications of our options. Normally the latest models with highest specs come at an equally hefty price. That said, there are also still other budget-friendly options with the standard functionalities albeit smaller memory or lower specs for its camera. And what is common about everyone with a mobile phone is their tendency to multi-task and the need for quality phone cases.

The Importance Of Quality Phone Cases

These days, you won’t see people without their phones. From being an accessory, it has become a must-have commodity. With more work relevant to harnessing and getting the most out of the digital world, and with various forms of business and entertainment being integrated and promoted through the digital space, we are almost never away from our phones, well, except in our sleep that is.

Now, considering that these gadgets come at a price, no matter how expensive or affordable it is, we come to look for the best iPhone 12 Pro case that will protect it and cover it in a fashion that we need and prefer.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Flower Phone Case

Two Things To Consider—Need & Preference

To get the most out of our mobile phone, we must buy the best iPhone 12 Pro case that will ensure overall (screen and surface) protection. This will guarantee the safety of your phone from accidental drops and impact from bumping, sliding, or rubbing with other objects.

These accidents can’t be helped when we always have our iPhone or Android phone in hand, or other times in our pocket or bag. As we go on with our daily activities, there are times we become careless unintentionally. So to cushion the damage such incidents may incur, here are some characteristics you may want to consider:

Shock-proof: survive from accidental free falls at a certain height (around 6ft to 10 ft) with shock-proof cases. Check whether the product is military drop tested. Manufacturers like Caseco conduct this test by setting up a controlled environment where a phone will be dropped with its phone case to see how well it receives impact.

Raised Bezels: these give the raised frame noticeable around the four (4) corners of our phone cases that shields the screen of your phone by being in direct contact first. This acts as your border adding structural integrity your mobile phone

Raised Camera Ring: employing the same concept and purpose as raised bezels do, this basically keeps your camera lens protected without degrading and being a hindrance to maximizing the power of your phone model’s camera. Unlike dedicated or full cover tempered glass for cameras that may degrade shot quality when taking pictures from your phone’s rear camera.

Slim/Thin Design: do not worry because thickness doesn’t equate to protectiveness. If you do not prefer the bulky type of phone cases, you can opt for our slim/thin phone cases that does not add much weight and work like a snug sleek second skin of your phone.

Responsive Buttons: adjust your volume, wake up your screen, and do other tasks with your phone’s buttons with a simple touch. Our phone cases fit seamlessly so there is no need for extra effort to press harder for your phone to respond.

Use Of Sturdy Material: Caseco Inc, uses recycled polycarbonate (PC) which is a kind of thermoplastic that does not break easily. It doesn’t crack or break even as it is molded and formed. This material can also withstand solid strong impacts around 200 times stronger than steel.

At the same time, it is also flexible which makes it work as the perfect buffer because it will just flex and return to its original shape. We also have a line of high-quality vegan-leather phone cases that gives that classy leather-like quality but is environment friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainable. As with real leather, it can last a long while and is just as fashionable.

Use Of Technology: with the help of our experts in design thinking and engineering, we use the power of modern technology to make our phones extra.

RFID and EMF Protection: be worry-free with the reinforced security of this anti-radiation and RFID-blocking built-in feature. With our tendency to use our phone heavily we need to be safe from threats of data-theft and cellphone radiation.

Antimicrobial: It can’t be helped that we touch a lot of things daily and normally carry our phone everywhere we go. Being exposed to disease causing germs and bacteria is expected. Thankfully, our clear iPhone 12 Pro case are coated with an antimicrobial film that kills 99.9% of germs.

Anti-yellowing: aside from the use of polycarbonate, Caseco’s clear and design cases are made with the unique blend of TPU and anti-yellowing agent that prevents our phone case from aging or turning yellow.

Wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility: enjoy hassle-free charging because we have options for wireless charger compatibility and MagSafe compatibility for phone cases. Ditch hooking your phone to charging cable and fill the battery of your phone with a simple tap and use of electromagnetic induction.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Abstract Phone Case

Top 6 Recommended iPhone 12 Pro Cases From Caseco

Now that you know Caseco phone cases' unique features and our available range of offerings, we came up with 6 of our best-selling phone cases sharing these amazing qualities mentioned above.


1. Sunset Blvd. Vegan Leather Wallet Case

If you’re looking for an accessory that can work well with a clean and sharp look, go get our sleek looking vegan iPhone 12 Pro leather wallet case. It is available in the bold and earthy colors black and brown. Feel neat and professional anywhere you go when you use this phone case.

2. Broadway Folio Wallet Case

As mentioned above, our folio wallet case is multipurpose card case that allows you to carry phone with your cash and cards in a single case. iPhone 12 Pro magnetic case is perfect to carry all your essentials along with your phone conveniently. Enjoy the protection and carry it with confidence and style.

3. Antimicrobial Clear Phone Case

For something clean and straightforward, we have antimicrobial iPhone 12 Pro clear case. This is made with quality materials that won’t change in color even over time. But hold on, check out the Iridescent Prisma and Iridescent Flare variants too.

4. Marble Phone Case

We’re thrilled with this new addition to our collections. See our new marble iPhone 12 Pro case. Available in different designs, our marble phone cases give a cool and serene look for anyone who wants something posh and trendy at the same time.

5. Sparkle Glitter Case

Dazzle with our sparkly iPhone 12 Pro glitter case. These look extra pretty under light as it appear to be color changing as you tilt in every way possible. Other glitter phone cases are available in different color gradients. See how differently each glitter case shines.

6. Flower Phone Cases by Mandy

Get hooked with the eye-catching pattern of flower iPhone 12 Pro case made in collaboration with the local artist, Mandy of EllowDee in Canada. The artwork is subtle but fun.

There are floral patterns drawn with pastel colored spaces to complete the pattern. It gives a youthful and playful vibe that can pair well with your casual wear or personal style. Be cool and trendy with our design phone cases.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Boho Phone Case

Our Major Cases for iPhone Collections You Can Look Into

If you’re still looking for other iPhone cases, read further.

With our customers’ diverse preferences, we are inspired to provide a wide selection of iPhone cases. More than style, we are conscious of designing for purpose. Hence, whether you are a young professional, a business person who is always on the go, or a student busy with a full schedule for your socials and academics, you can check these major collections that may suit your lifestyle.

Wallet Cases Made From Vegan Leather

Leather has the allure that complements both formal and informal events. If you want to present yourself with your best foot forward, check our vegan leather wallet case and see which is the one for you. What makes it more appealing is our use of premium vegan leather.

You wouldn’t notice the difference just staring at it, but it delivers the same appeal. Guaranteed cruel-free and sustainable, you can use our iPhone 12 Pro wallet case proudly and promote it to your friends and family. It is available in variants with 2 to 6 card slots, room for cash and a detachable magnetic phone card case.

As these are vegan  leather folio cases, you can just flip them, and they can already act as a phone stand as well. They’re multipurpose too. Thus, whether you are attending a black and white event or just wanna feel classy and chic, get your own iPhone 12 Pro vegan leather case from Caseco.

Crossbody Phone Case

Multi-tasking? Carrying your phone, car keys, purse, wallet, morning coffee and breakfast in one hand? Running around doing an errand or just strolling around? Get a purse, a wallet, and a phone case in one sold together with a long strap and a wrist strap when you shop for an iPhone 12 Pro case with card holder.

Attach the long strap and you can use it as a dainty bag with all your essentials or a nice purse safely hanging in your hand with its wrist strap. Designed to store up to 10 cards, a zipped slot for your coins or other small flat items, a magnetic phone case with a sleeve for your ID or cashcard, you can use it in a lot of ways for the price of one. It’s even more appealing with the gold-toned accents and neat slim design.

Clear Phone Cases

No need for detail? If you want something straightforward and sensible, why not choose a clear phone case instead? What’s good about clear cases is it can flaunt the beauty of the original design of your phone. After all, the latest iPhone models are undeniably eye candies with their available stunning colors and smooth surface.

You may also be attracted to the simplicity and no-nonsense deal that clear cases offer.

Design Phone Cases

Sharing their own unique style and personal flavor in our different design phone cases collection, see their hand painted art carefully printed over our clear cases.

Vibe with their creation and get that inspired look for your phone. See their artwork exclusively in our collections for Fruit Phone Case, Flower Phone Cases, Leaf Phone Case, Wood Phone Case, Texture Phone Case, Line Art Phone Case, Marble Phone Case, Retro Phone Case, Camo Phone Cases, Leopard Phone Case, Tie Dye Phone Case, and many others.

Colored Phone Cases

Good thing Caseco has a lot of colored cases to choose from! Hopefully, we got your favorite color but I’m sure we don’t disappoint with our array right here.

Available are black phone case, pink phone case, purple phone case, green phone case, blue phone case, peach phone case, yellow phone case, red phone case, grey phone case, and brown phone case. Browse through our pages and see for yourself.

It is a mix of solid hues and a play with the assortment of these colors in different designs. But be warned, they all look good so you may have a hard time to decide. Why not get a couple more if you find a lot that you like?

The Advantage of Caseco’s Value-Add

There are a lot of brands selling phone cases and many of them are available online in various websites or online shops. You may observe that a lot of these options may be a lot cheaper.

But despite the availability of these all other options, ask yourself, “what am I looking for?”. Perhaps many of us will still go back to quality because even though these other phone cases are cheap, they don’t provide the same protection as Caseco phone cases do.

But aside from quality, we also don’t hold back in creativity and variety. With our several collections and options available, you will certainly find a phone case that suits your preference. Is that all there is though?

Caseco brings in all the extra. Aside from the aesthetics, we’re all about delivering the best products and services to our customers. It’s not just about sales, but more importantly, it is about customer satisfaction and our commitment to our cause.

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