Best iPhone 12 Cases

Have you ever entered a huge department store, asked for a specific item, and been led to a towering wall of that specific item with different types to choose from? It would probably be intimidating and you wouldn’t know where to start. With everything coming down to choice - it’s actually quite unnerving to take the plunge and choose something that you’re not sure of.

If it’s for your particular style then you should take into consideration that your iPhone 12 case should match. You can’t just get anything that’s pretty or nice. Everything has to match and match perfectly well with your unique presentation.

Here are our Top 3 iPhone 12 cases to match your style. These are not in any order so you can choose and decide which would be best for you.

Best iPhone 12 Cases - Rugged Phone Case

Magneto Slim Rugged Phone Case

Anyone with any decent fashion sense will tell you that purple is always stylish. The royalties consider it stylish and so does Caseco. But you can’t go with just being stylish because a phone case should always protect your Apple iPhone 12 no matter what.

The rugged iPhone case by Caseco is a smart and compact yet stylish rugged phone case. You can’t go wrong with its slim design. It’s on the cutting edge of design with an integrated magnetic system so you don’t need to bother attaching a metal plate for your car phone holder. It’s built-in.

You can expect wireless and MagSafe charger compatibility and not have to bother taking off the Magneto. Caseco designed it well so that you just plop it on the Qi charger and you’re ready to go. No fuss, no stress.

Did we say rugged and did we say slim? You can be sure to breathe a sigh of relief if on the off chance you actually drop it. Those raised bezels will protect your screen and that two-layer Air Gap design with an impact-resistant rubber interior will make it survive a 10-foot drop.

Caseco centers its products on eco-friendly, low voc, recyclable materials making sure that there is minimal plastic usage and carbon emissions. They dedicate a portion of each sale to charities.

Best iPhone 12 Cases - Clear Phone Case

Clear Phone Cases

The clear iPhone 12 case by Caseco is something that will call attention to you and your iPhone 12. Guaranteed that it's fun, it’s fresh, and it’s fruity. And that dramatic color-changing effect will get you noticed in the most interesting way.

But the iPhone 12 glitter case isn’t just a loud and proud case. It’s something that you can rely on to protect your investment as well. With raised bezels and sturdiness that promises a 10-foot drop protection, you’re not going to have to worry about dropping your phone from the second floor - if it ever happens at all. Their air gap technology compresses and cushions your phone, protecting it from impact.

Caseco’s anti-UV yellowing technology guarantees that these clear phone cases will stay as clear and pretty as the day you bought it. It isn’t just a protection from accidental drops but also lets you stand out from the crowd. You can’t beat that.

Best iPhone 12 Cases - Folio Wallet Case

Broadway Folio Wallet Case

Red is the color of love and passion. Even on its own, red can capture any attention. So it goes without saying that a wallet folio in a beautiful bright red hue will definitely be stylish.

The Broadway iPhone 12 case with card holder can be an accent for your overall design theme. But as with all the options on this list, this Caseco wallet folio isn’t just a thing to look upon.

This is a durable, vegan leather phone case with a smooth-touch finish. Its high-density contouring keeps your phone protected. Your cards, cash, and other valuables fit snugly inside and with integrated RFID and EMF protection your private information are yours alone.

The detachable magnetic phone case also makes this looker easy to take apart which makes wireless charging a breeze. And did we mention the folio was water-resistant too? You can’t go wrong with fashionable and iconic vegan leather wallet phone cases from Caseco.

Best iPhone 12 Cases -iPhone 12 Case

Final Thoughts

Whether you go for the rugged look or the loud and bright theme or the regal carry-all wallet folio, you’ll be taking your iPhone and putting your own personal and unique on it. Protection and style, all rolled in one.

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