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Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case
Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case
Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case
Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case
Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case
Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case

Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case

Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case

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An excellent choice for germ-averse people, this Fremont Clear Protective Case lets you see the natural beauty of your phone while still protecting it.

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Anti-Yellowing & Anti-Microbial Protection

Unlike traditional clear cases that become cloudy over time, our Samsung Galaxy A15 Clear Case boasts a revolutionary anti-yellowing film. This invisible shield keeps your case looking brand new, showcasing the original beauty of your phone. But protection goes beyond aesthetics. The case utilizes an EPA-tested, germ-fighting technology that eliminates common bacteria like E. coli and Staph. Enjoy a clear case that's hygienically clean, giving you peace of mind.

Wireless Charging on Point: Effortless Power Up

Forget fumbling with cables! This Samsung Galaxy A15 clear case is designed with wireless charging in mind. Whether you prefer a standard Qi-certified charger or a sleek wireless charging pad, this case ensures seamless compatibility. Simply place your phone on the pad and watch it power up effortlessly, all without ever removing the case.

Engineered for Impact: 6ft Drop Protection with Confidence

Don't let accidental drops send shivers down your spine. This Samsung clear case prioritizes ultimate protection with a military-grade 6ft drop rating. A strategically designed 2mm chamfered lip safeguards your screen from edge-to-edge impacts. Raised camera rings provide extra protection for your lenses, while a tough exterior and a shock-absorbing inner layer work in unison to absorb impact and keep your phone safe from harm. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your phone is shielded from everyday bumps and tumbles.