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iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector

iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector

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Elevate your device's screen protection and data security with our iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector. Perfect for professionals on the go and privacy-conscious individuals. Experience the ultimate shield for your screen and embrace worry-free productivity.

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Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic You can track your impact after purchase.


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It's in the details

Ultimate Screen Protection

Ultra-thin .33 mm construction. 9H Hardness. Outstanding color accuracy and superior scratch protection. This antimicrobial screen protector ensures your phone’s screen looks great and stays that way wherever you take it.

Protect your Browsing!

Get easy edge-to-edge privacy and durable screen protection with our Privacy Screen Protectors. The result is a narrow viewing angle that allows you to enjoy all the rich color and contrast of your phone display without worrying about who might be peeking over your shoulder.

What Comes with the Box?

This box has the iPhone Privacy Screen Protector, a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, an Anti-static Cleaning Wipe, two positioning stickers, and a Dust Removal Sticker.

Commitment to a Happier Earth

Like all CasEco products, our screen protectors are packaged in North America, using minimal, paper-based & soy ink-based packaging. By making these environmentally-conscious choices, we are helping to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable world for everyone.