Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

I love my iPhone. It is like a second head to me with all the appointments and notes I keep in it. The only thing is if you are not careful, you can scratch the screen or worse yet, crack it. A cracked screen will cost over $100 to replace. So invest in something to protect your device like a blue light screen protector from Caseco.

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Anti blue light screen protector is Caseco’s newest offering that is designed to protect you from high-energy blue light. I never knew that there was high-energy blue light and that it causes tired eyes, loss of sleep, and potentially eye damage. Kind of explained why I get sleepy when I am just on my phone working or checking new feeds. See Caseco is teaching us something.

Blue Light Screen Protector


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The above photo is everything you receive in the box. It comes with a Alcohol prep pad, cleaning cloth, 2 home buttons, screen, a mini card to help work out air bubbles and instructions. To install was very easy as you just clean the screen with the provided cloth. Pull the backing off the screen without touching it. Align up and press in place. Use the little card to help work out air bubbles if needed.

Let’s talk about the screen. It is 0.33mm thick which gives you a barely-there feel. Also, the screen protector is scratch resistant so if you have it in your purse with your keys, it will not scratch! Ladies, we know all to well how our nails can make scratches in the screens and it is not pretty Now, I can tell you for a fact that this screen protector will save your phone!

cracked screen protector


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You see that crack, if I had not had on this blue light filter screen protector then that would have been a shattered screen. I was on our deck and kids being kids, they knocked my phone out of my hand. It landed screen down straight on a pile of rocks and needless to say, my heart dropped! But, I am so grateful that I had the blue light blocking screen protector on because it saved my phone!

This screen protector is very affordable at just $39.99 for two pieces inside the packaging. If you go into a retail store you will pay over $45 for just a single screen protector and I promise you, it will not hold up to the standards of Caseco quality inspection.

The one great thing is Caseco can be your one stop shop for all your technology driven needs. They have iPhone 13 cases, glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S22, wireless charger and so much more for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, Google Pixel and even LG. So head on over and check them out!

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