What Is Zero Waste All About?

There’s nothing more jarring than ordering a tiny item online only for it to arrive in a huge box, multiple layers of bubble wrap, another box, and then a single use plastic bag.

Soon, your living room floor is covered in trash, all for something that can fit into the palm of your hand. Sure, the cardboard might be able to be recycled, but some types are easier than others, and all of the plastic? Not so much.

This is where the zero waste movement comes in. You might have heard about it.

Recently, companies everywhere have started to understand that their customers don’t want a lot of packaging, and so have been trying their best to go zero waste.

But what exactly does this mean? And why is zero waste important?

Zero Waste – The Answers

Defining zero waste is simple. It’s living in a way that creates as little waste as possible. It’s something that we are all becoming more conscious of, particularly when we see what is happening to our planet with all of the plastic in our oceans.

True zero wasters, however, take it to a whole other level. There are some people whose waste for the entire year fits into an 8 oz mason jar. In reality, it means trying to buy things without packaging, bringing your own containers to the store, and putting as little into the bin as possible.

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Why Recycling isn’t The Answer

Being able to recycle is great. It’s a chance to give an item a new life as something else and stops it from going to landfill.

If it’s a choice between the landfill or recycling plant, recycling wins every time.

But it’s not the answer to all of our problems. While many items need packaging, there are many that don’t, and if you can reduce the strain on recycling plants by choosing an item without plastic, you should.

Encouraging companies - and in particular grocery stores – that we don’t need any packaging, even if it is recyclable plastic, is a great first step.

It’s Not Working

Due to the sheer amount of plastic produced, recycling plants simply can’t cope. We use so much, that much of it ends up on landfills or incinerated simply because we can’t recycle it. Some of your recycling is even sent overseas, but again, this is being stopped because of the volume. 90.5% of all plastic waste has never been recycled, and this will cause plastic pollution in the ocean.

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Reduce, Reuse

The famous motto is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is in order of priority.

We need to first of all consciously think about what we are doing when we shop and opt for items that don’t have plastic packaging. Due to the recent Covid 19 pandemic, having clean water and knowing good hygiene has become more important than ever.

Next, we need to reuse what we can, creating new things out of old and not immediately throwing items away. You can even shop more intentionally. when it comes to clothing and check out some second-hand stores.

Finally, recycle, particularly all of your old electronic devices. Recycle wisely, by washing all of your plastic containers to avoid the contamination which might cause the recycling plant to reject it.

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Zero Waste at Caseco

At Caseco, we are determined to lead the way on zero waste.  We use as much recycled plastic in our items as possible in order to reuse what is already out there.

As for our packaging, it is all plastic free. If you order an item from us, it will be delivered in a sustainable packaging made of uncoated paper, an alternative that is 100% recyclable.

We also use environmentally friendly, petroleum free, soy-based ink for all of our printing.

When it comes to the environment, there’s no easy way out, which is why if you order a wireless charger or an iPhone 13 phone case from us, you can be sure of a zero waste experience.

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