The Hype on the Core 360 Universal Car Phone Mount

This is a wake up call friends: It is 23 times more likely for drivers to crash while texting and 4 times more likely for drivers to crash while talking. I know. Scary stuff, eh?

Yes operating your smartphone while on the road can be dangerous, and in most cases, illegal.

Yet many of us cannot resist and feel the need to stay connected while driving.

What do we do?

How do we make-and-take important phone calls on the road and remain safe from danger while also keeping us in line with the law?

Is there a way?

Below, Caseco introduces a new cutting-edge magnetic car phone mount, universal smartphone mount and 5 reasons why it’s the best solution for this haunting problem.

Magnetic Dash Mount

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World’s Smallest Car Mount

Bulky mounts are now a thing of the past. The Core 360 magnetic dash mount allows you to free up your wind shield space. It’s smaller than a golf ball with a registered height of just 2.5 cm.

Secure Hold

The Core 360 features the strongest magnet you can find commercially — the neodymium magnet. With a neodymium magnet by your side, you’ll keep your phone safe and secure, preventing unwanted drops through rough terrain.

Core 360

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Safer Driving

Driving and operating your smartphone is safer. The Core 360 keeps your hands focused on the driving wheel. This means you don’t ever have to reach for the passenger seat or cup holder.

360 Rotation

The Core 360 universal smartphone mount is called the ‘360’ for a reason. The mount easily rotates 360 degrees, both horizontally or vertically, to suit your viewing needs.


The whole family can take advantage of the Core 360 as it comes with extra adhesives. This gives you the freedom to change mount location without the mess; freeing you from those oh-so-ugly residue stains.


Stay safe on the road while you drive friends. Keep your hands free and keep your eyes focused on the road. Caseco’s Core 360 universal smartphone mount is the world’s smallest mount; freeing you from clumsy distractions, lowering your chances of crashing. For more information on the Core 360 universal mount visit the official Core 360 page.

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