Best Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 5G Cases For 2022

Caseco has got you and your phone covered with the best Samsung Galaxy S20 case and S20 5G Cases. Here’s a look at our lineup that fits every lifestyle.

1. Bond Wallet Folio Case
This elegantly crafted, premium vegan Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Wallet Phone Case should be at the top of your list of best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases. You get great value as it is a 2-in-1 detachable magnetic phone case and a wallet folio with 2 card slots and a side pocket.

The phone case is wireless charger and magnetic phone mount compatible while the folio doubles as a kickstand for hands-free viewing. You get all these features plus more at a very affordable price. Grab your Bond Wallet Folio Case here.

2. Park Ave Magnetic Wallet Folio
Want to stand out from the rest? Protect your phone in style with the Park Avenue Magnetic Wallet Folio. This fashionable Samsung Galaxy S20 wallet case and wallet rolled into one is made with high-quality, animal-cruelty-free leather. It also has a 2 card slot and 1 side pocket layout.
Keep your phone and your data safe. The folio has a magnetic snap enclosure and anti-radiation and RFID blocking technology, while the magnetic case gives you 10ft drop protection.

Whether your phone is wirelessly charging, attached to your magnetic car mount, or propped up with it’s kickstand the Park Ave lets you be fashionable anywhere. This is the best Samsung Galaxy S20 case for those who are fashion forward.

3. Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Folio
Our top pick for the best are the Sunset Blvd Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Leather Case. It has a 6 card slot with a side pocket to carry all your credit cards, debit cards, and IDs plus cash and other essentials.

The magnetic case lets you conveniently detach your phone from the folio and attach it to a magnetic car mount and also lets you fast charge wirelessly. It's smartly designed for easy port access and has precision cut outs for the buttons.

The folio’s sophisticated RFID technology protects your cards so you don’t fall victim to skimming and data theft. Now you can protect your phone in style and replace your wallet.

4. Bond II Wallet Folio Case
Nothing beats the versatility of the Bond II Galaxy S20 5G Wallet Phone Case. This vegan wallet folio case is made using silk grain polyurethane materials that feels just like real leather. It features 2 card slots and a side pocket for the wallet

The versatile magnetic case is detachable and has a card slot at the back so you can carry only your phone and a couple of essential cards and lets you fast charge wirelessly. The equally versatile folio doubles as a kickstand so you can watch your favorite movies and more. It’s feature packed and deserves to be in our list of best Samsung Galaxy S20 5G case.

5. Fremont Clear Protective Case
Got yourself a fancy new phone? Flaunt its original color and design with the Fremont Samsung S20 5G clear case. It’s ergonomically designed to be compatible with all types of wireless chargers and car phone holders.
The slim and light weight design makes it easy to carry, but don’t let this fool you. The combination of its raised bezels, and soft inner rubber shell effectively absorbs shock and protects your phone to military drop standards.
It’s made with precision which lets you use any size charging cable and without removing the case and offers seamless operation of the power and volume buttons. Protect your phone in style with this best Samsung Galaxy S20 case.

6. Rugged Protective Grip Armor
The Rugged Protective Grip Armor Case surely looks the part. It’s double-protection dual injection design means you get two layers of protection in a single case. Combined with it’s air gap technology and raised bezels, the hard outer shell protects from sudden impact while the inner shell effectively absorbs shock.

This cutting-edge design has precise cutouts and precision molded button covers for the best port accessibility and phone operation. It offers wireless charging and car mount holder compatibility in a resistant rubber sided package that meets MIL-STD 8 feet drop protection standards. This Samsung S20 rugged case is the best Samsung case for your phone’s ultimate protection.

Our Brand Promise
All Caseco packaging materials are printed using plant-based ink, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 Case packaging.

We ship our products to your doorstep with ecological sustainability in mind so the product you get uses only 100% recyclable paper. We actively support organizations aimed to maintain our planet’s natural resources. And in demonstrating our values, we have successfully eliminated single-use plastics in our production.

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