Samsung S23 Is About To Launch Soon (What You Should Care About)?

The new month is almost around the corner, and with this big shift, one of the largest tech companies in the world - Samsung Galaxy, is coming back with its most awaited model, S23. Well! Samsung Galaxy S23 release date says that you guys can get available with this new model on February 17, 2023 (est), but still, there are a few confusions that we will help you to sort out below, including its price, leaks, and rumors. Read onwards!

When Is Samsung Galaxy S23 Coming Out?


Let's get things straight before stepping into other hypes regarding the upcoming model. The company has recently made a clear statement regarding the Samsung Galaxy S23 release date, and according to that, the new model will be in the market on February 17, 2023 (est). 

When Is Samsung Galaxy S23 Coming Out?

Let's Put A Flash On Samsung Galaxy S23 Leak and Rumors 


TheVerge.Com sparked every leak and rumor regarding Samsung Galaxy S23 in one of its latest posts, where we discovered the new model will come with a 200-megapixel camera and detailed screen and battery specs. Moreover, it is said that the Samsung Galaxy S23 camera will have an imposing 12-megapixel ultrawide, a 10-megapixel telephoto with 3x optical zoom, and a second 10-megapixel telephoto with a 10x optical zoom, making it better than other models the company has launched in the past few years. 

Moreover, its 6.8-inch 1440p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate will make the model look more stunning, as it has both 1080p and 120Hz alongside 8GB or 12GB of RAM. 

Moving a bit further, there are rumors that on February 1, the tech company will be announcing its upcoming laptop model as well. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Leak and Rumors

What Is The Price Of Samsung Galaxy S23?


Samsung Galaxy S23 price is said to be around $799 for the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage trim. Also, as it is coming with an 8/256GB version of the S23, there are a few chances of getting a high price - after the company will launch it in the market. 

What's More!?


Samsung Galaxy S23 is surely going to be a big hit in the tech world, as many people are already waiting for it since they experienced the ease of its recently released S22 model. But as there were numerous Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks and rumors, we decided to make a concise guide in which we discussed almost every term you wanted to know. We hope today's post was informative and helpful for you all. 

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