Keep Your Samsung Device Secure With Magnetic Phone Cases

Samsung Magnetic Cases
Keep your Samsung device secure with one of our magnetic Samsung phone cases. Choose from a wide selection of options that suit your needs, like our sturdy vertical leather belt clip holster pouch for those working in a tactical field or for anyone who wants easy, unencumbered access to their phone. The vertical leather belt clip holster uses a guaranteed magnetic closure system to keep your phone in place. This means that your phone won’t go for a tumble even if it’s jostled.
The 360-degree rotating swivel belt clip has 24 lock positions, so you will be able to find a comfortable position for your phone no matter what situation you’re in. The heavy-duty material is durable, vegan leather that isn’t affected by moisture. It also has a thick inner lining that will cushion your phone’s screen and protect from scratches. Our leather belt clip holster also comes in a horizontal option.
Want something that’s easily compatible with our outstanding array of car phone holder options? The Fremont Clear Phone Cases protect your phone without hiding it and is 100% compatible with our car mounts. Extra large cutouts mean that even bulky charge cables will comfortably fit the charging port, and precise button cutouts mean you won’t ever be left fumbling for the volume or power buttons.
Once you get in your car, our Samsung magnetic phone cases can be easily used with a wide assortment of our magnetic phone mount options, but for a truly versatile mount, we recommend you check out Mighty Mount. These mounts will keep you safe and keep your device secure no matter what vehicle you’re driving.
Not satisfied with your magnetic car mount or any other product you’ve purchased? No problem! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just call our customer service line, and we’ll make sure you love our products and are 100% satisfied.

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