Samsung S21 Release Date & What To Expect

In a few hours Samsung will be releasing their flagship series for the year. It’s such a notable one considering the hurdles that the company and the global community had gone through last year. With Apple releasing the iPhone 12 series and its current domination in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has some stiff competition. But what can we expect with the release this January 14, 2021, read on to find out.

Samsung S21 Trio
This year Samsung is set to release three flagship devices. It’s one device shy compared to the Apple release last year but it may have been unavoidable due to the current crisis. But this year, amidst the challenges, Samsung is set to release a highly anticipated series with a new processor and design.

Samsung S21
The base model for the S21 lineup will be the smallest of the trio with a 6.2-inch Full-HD+ 120Hz AMOLED display. The chipset that was announced just last year in December, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chipset will depend on the region release. Gaming will be a breeze with that 8GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery. 5G connectivity will also speed up online game interface and social media interaction.
Storage is also generous with 128GB or 256GB storage. However, Samsung took away the expandable storage space for this year’s models. This may be a big thing for some but most people may not be bothered by it given the big enough storage.

Samsung S21 Plus
The mid tier model will share many similarities with the base model. The only difference will be the size of the display and the battery life. The S21 Plus model will have a 6.7-inch Full HD+ 120 Hz AMOLED display against the smaller 6.2-inch display of the S21. The battery is a big difference with the S21+ leaning closer to the massive battery of the Ultra. The Galaxy S21 Plus will be packing a 4,800mAh battery instead of the 4,000mAh of the cheapest model.
As with the base model, the Samsung S21 Plus will have a generous storage capacity and sufficient 8GB of RAM. But, it will not carry any expandable storage option as well.

Samsung S21 Ultra
The big brother of the trio is the S21 Ultra which is the official flagship phone carrying all the upgrades and premium features of a flagship device. It’ll have a 6.8 6.8-inch QHD+ dynamic 120Hz AMOLED display with 12GB RAM for that ultimate non-laggy experience. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the only one to have the 512GB option for storage but as with its other siblings, it will also not offer any expandable memory which may not matter. Let’s face it - 512GB on a phone is pretty darn big. You can also expect S Pen support for this variant which begs the question - is it replacing the SAMSUNG NOTE lineup as well? However, that remains to be seen.

Things To Take Note Of With The Samsung S21 Lineup
There are many things to take note of with the coming Samsung S21 release. Leaks have been floating around with many changes both big and small. these may or may not sway you into buying any in the series.

Bluetooth All The Way
If you’re still holding on to that phone with the headphone jack because you need it then these models may not be for you. If you can bear using an adapter then you can probably adjust but if the adapter life isn’t for you then you may need to invest in a good Bluetooth headphone after all.
There will be no headphone jack for the Samsung S21 series as Samsung is launching their new Galaxy Buds Pro in the same event. It may be that they are jumping on the bandwagon that Apple started 2 years ago. Needless to say, without that headphone jack, you shouldn’t expect to see earphones either.
But in this cold weather, maybe you won’t need that headphone jack anyway. A Bluetooth Beanie can be the way to go wireless and keep yourself warm. Function and style in one.

Wireless Charging
To reiterate that Samsung is following suit to Apple’s marketing strategies, you may not find any charging brick in the packaging of this year’s models. As many big companies are shifting into a more sustainable production process to support the planet. It is a growing trend that Apple revolutionized 2 years ago and that Samsung is closely following. But with so many options for great third party accessories, consumers need not be worried. Check out these wall chargers from Caseco if you need that usb wall charger.

Design Changes
If you loved the design of last year’s lineup then you may need to be more open minded for this year’s models. Leaks have scattered with a different design with a slight change in the camera module. The colors as well will be featuring some new hues. A brown is set to be present among the premium flagship’s options. The make and material for the S21 is aluminum and plastic while the S21+ may sport glass. There are rumors that the Ultra may have a stainless steel option but leaks have circulated around emphasizing the premium option to be very thick putting even the Apple iPhone Pro Max to shame.

Modest Pricing
The speculated pricing of the Samsung S21 series is expected to be slightly less compared to the S20 models. Blame it on the ongoing crisis but there may be a $100 difference for the base and mid tier models from last year and perhaps a smaller $50 dollar difference for the premium model. That would put the Samsung S21 at maybe $900, the Samsung S21+ at almost $1100 and the Samsung S21 Ultra at roughly $1350. Of course, even with the price drop, these are still flagship prices and will not be for everyone.

Final Thoughts
The year 2022 offers a fresh new start. With Samsung’s launch just around the bend, it may just be that special event that we’ve all been waiting for. For all the Samsung series, we at Caseco offer a fresh collection of Samsung S22 case. Discover the wide range right away.

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