Top 3 iPhone 11 Cases In 2022

The iPhone 11 continues to be relevant despite its age. You can get good deals for it but they’re still a bit pricey so it’s always a good idea to get a good iPhone 11 case for your device. Despite how careful you think you are or can be, there’s always the possibility that you may drop your phone. Sure, you can get AppleCare or have it repaired but that’s still a hassle. There are a lot of options there such as slim cases that may not offer the best protection but it’s still better than no protection.
Now, a simple shell case is just that, a phone case. However, I like my cases to do much more than just offer protection. And yes, I said cases. I also try to rotate my cases depending on my plans for the day or match them with what I plan to wear. That’s why I also tend to choose cases that have great color options or different patterns and textures. Anyway, I digress, so let’s now take a look at my picks for the top 3 iPhone 11 cases in 2022.

Best Slim Case: Magneto Rugged Slim Case
Now, the name might be misleading but I tell you it’s just as it suggests. The Magneto Rugged Slim Case from Rugged phone case collection is a slim case so it won’t add unwanted bulk to your iPhone 11. It’s Caseco’s most advanced smartphone case with good reason. It has dual-layered protection, namely, a hard outer shell and a soft inner coating that helps absorb impact. It also has Air Gap technology which protects the corners of your phone. A raised lip rounds out the protective features of this case that’s military standard drop tested. It’s tough enough to withstand a 10ft drop.
Other features that I find useful are wireless charger and magnetic phone mount compatibility. When I need to drive a lot, the Magneto makes mounting your phone (to a magnetic car phone holder) for navigation so easy and seamless. It’s all thanks to the metal plate that’s ideally placed so it won’t interfere with wireless charging, unlike other magnetic cases. It’s available in purple, navy blue, teal, and black colors.

Best Wallet Case: Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Folio
I find the utility of a wallet case convenient. Now I know that some people will automatically be put off when they hear the words “wallet” and “case” in one sentence. That’s because typical wallet cases are bulky and unwieldy. However, Caseco breaks that stereotype with all their wallet cases and the Sunset Blvd wallet case for iPhone 11  is no exception.
The wallet can hold up to 6 cards and some cash. Under the silky-smooth vegan leather exterior is a layer of data protection. Take all your cards along with confidence and security. The phone card holder acts as blanket protection for your iPhone 11 but if you don’t need it, you can leave it. This wallet folio has a detachable magnetic phone case that protects your device even without the wallet. This feature makes taking pictures easier as you can just detach the phone and snap away. It also is magnetic car mount and wireless charging compatible. This all-in-one solution is available in basic black or vibrant pastel colors.

Best Fashion Forward Case: Park Ave Magnetic Wallet Folio
Having cases that cover a wide color palette is not enough. You really should have a phone case with card holder with an iconic pattern in your arsenal. That’s just what the Park Ave folio wallet case provides. It makes a bolder statement than cases with graphics. This wallet case has a built-in RFID and EMF protection under the pretty exterior of the wallet. It can hold 2 cards and a few bills as well. It’s made of silky-smooth vegan leather that looks great and feels good to the touch.
Want to catch up on your favorite shows? Prop your phone up using the wallet folio for a hands-free viewing experience. The wallet, in tandem with the detachable magnetic phone cover, provides all-around protection for your iPhone 11. The phone cover is designed for a custom fit for your phone and is wireless charging compatible. What’s more, that lovely pattern continues on the back of the phone case. Your iPhone 11 will be just as fashionable with or without the wallet.

Key Takeaway
Phone cases don’t have to be plain. You can get so much more from them in terms of features and style. These features make them all the more practical and improve their value exponentially. Having a rotation of cases means you and your iPhone 11 can be more fashionable while you get a more convenient mobile phone experience.

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