Introducing the Caseco x Bridget McBride Artist Series

Bridget McBride is a professional art director, graphic designer, and surface pattern designer, creating magic from her studio nestled near the forests and vineyards of the Pacific Northwest. With a clean, balanced, and playful style, Bridget’s work is steeped in strong conceptual stories. She often finds inspiration while working at Spotted Dog Creative headquarters, where a strong cup of tea and a few resident Dalmatians provide both companionship and creative fuel.

Unveiling the Caseco x Bridget McBride Collection

Bridget McBride’s unique design aesthetic now graces the latest Caseco collection, bringing vibrant and thoughtfully crafted patterns to your everyday tech accessories. Each design is printed on clear cases, allowing the beauty of your phone to shine through while adding a touch of artistic elegance.

Celestial Petal

A fresh take on classic geometric floral, Celestial Petal is truly heaven-sent. This design features a bright and upbeat palette of salmon, robin’s egg blue, yellow, and kiwi, capturing the essence of a summer day. Alternatively, the understated palette of peach, dusty lavender, dusty fuchsia, and black takes inspiration from the contrasts of spring, offering a versatile look for any season.


Dandelion brings the charm of a fresh, green field or a clear blue sky to your phone. The playful pattern, with crisp whites, soft creams, and bright yellows, creates an on-trend vibe that brightens anyone’s mood. Think of these dandelions as a contemporary, cheery freefall of flowers for your phone.

Dot Dash

Dot Dash reimagines traditional polka dots with a trendy twist. Featuring soft teal, buttercup yellow, sky blue, white, and warm dark gray, this design offers an eye-catching stripe that’s perfect for work. The upscale color palette of blush pink, gold, maroon, and medium gray on white adds a sophisticated touch, making it a standout in any setting.


Inspired by iconic artists like Haring and Basquiat, Graffiti brings an urban edge to your phone. This design features hugs and kisses spray-painted with an unexpected color palette of greens, pinks, salmon, and dusty ocean blue, transitioning street art right into your pocket.


Lattice transforms basic gingham into a lush garden scene. The soft delicate option of cream, white, blush, and sage green evokes overgrown flowers, while the balance of black, sage, dusty green, and dreamy ocean blue creates a moonlit garden climbing up a trellis. No green thumb required to enjoy this botanical beauty.


Polka dots go retro with Dotty. The classic navy and black on cream offers an understated elegance, while the option of bright pinks, white, and dusty robin egg blue on soft green brings a modern twist. Both styles prove that timeless designs can still make a bold statement.

Orange You Clever

Celebrate the sun and banish winter blues with Orange You Clever. This design combines oranges and pinks with happy green leaves, brightening your day whenever you reach for your phone.


Lullaby offers a soothing, Scandi-inspired floral pattern with a classic color palette of cream, white, navy, and soft pink. Tiny, bright color pops add a touch of whimsy, making this design perfect for those who love the hygge trend.

Posey Perfect

Buy yourself the flowers with Posey Perfect. This cascading floral design features a sophisticated palette of dusty blues, greens, pinks, and lavenders on your choice of a white or dusty navy background. These posies never wilt and fit perfectly in your pocket.

Bumble Design

Nothing is sweeter than honey, except for Bumble. This traditional half-drop pattern with chubby bees is perfect for those who need a little motivation. Choose between the charming pink, black, and white option or the flirty teal, sunflower yellow, and white combination to get buzzing.

On The Town

Hit all the hot spots with On The Town. Classic pinks and trendy greens mix with salmon and soft blue, evoking cocktail hour before a big production. This design captures the excitement of a night out in your favorite city.

Study Abroad

For the wanderlust soul, Study Abroad takes you on an adventure with its vintage passport stamp pattern. Clear, bright pinks and blues pair with olive green and lavender, making every day feel like a scenic journey.

With the Caseco x Bridget McBride Artist Series, your phone becomes a canvas for these captivating designs, each telling its own unique story. Explore the collection and find the perfect design to complement your style and brighten your day.

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