How To Clean Your iPhone

Antimicrobial glass screen protector for iPhone 13 and antimicrobial iPhone 13 clear case are the new must-have upgrades for your iPhones…

Using embedded technology that’s proven to kill 99.99% of common pathogens like E. Coli and Staph, these germ-fighting accessories can prevent your phone from becoming a hotspot for everyday threats to your health and well-being. That way you can go on about your day without having to worry about catching a cough that might turn into something else.

But what can you do to stay safe during the rest of your day? What about the commute to and from work? What about charging your phone overnight?
As the world heads back to work and out of a months-long quarantine, it’s important to realize that it won’t be back to “business as usual” right away. We’ll likely spend months using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent the spread of the pandemic and reduce the risk of other common illnesses.

That means large gatherings including everything from music festivals to church services could be canceled. Your working arrangement might become more complicated. And even your favorite restaurant might have new rules about how close you can sit to the next table over.

While the near term goal to “flatten the curve” and reduce the number of overall cases is meeting with some success, there’s always the risk that a secondary outbreak could potentially reach out across the globe and put millions of more lives at risk.

Millions were shocked to hear the original lockdown orders go out in the first place. Millions more were surprised to see the quarantine stretch from weeks into months. But some health experts fear they could potentially stretch from months into years.

“We’re at the front end of what will be a pretty arduous few years of something. What that something looks like, we don’t fully know,” explains one particular health expert. They’re optimistic that we will ultimately be able to flatten the curve and contain the virus, but they’re also increasingly unwilling to say exactly when that will possibly happen.

So before we all go rushing out the door, let’s look at a few simple things we can do to stay safer and healthier without sacrificing any of the convenience we’ve come to expect from these amazing devices.

That might mean starting some sensible habits on your morning commute or picking up a few practical upgrades that will not only help you stay germ-free but also improve your overall quality of life in the process.
Let’s get started where most people start their day—with the drive to work…


Staying Safe and Germ-Free in Your Car

Believe it or not, your cell phone and your steering wheel have a few important things in common. First, we handle both of them constantly. And second—most people practically never clean either one.

As a result, both your cell phone and your steering wheel can be a breeding ground for germs, each containing multiple times more germs than the average toilet seat! Fortunately, there are a few very basic measures you can take to insure your car and your phone both stay clean and germ-free:

1. Keep plenty of supplies handy – you’ll want both hand sanitizer and a decent supply of wipes in your car, along with a bag to dispose of used wipes. Keep some spares handy so you can wipe down whenever you get in.

2. Clean the Hotspots Regularly – wipe down your steering wheel, center console and controls every time you get in the car. Use your hand sanitizer before getting out of the car.

3. Don’t forget the dashboard – most people don’t realize the dashboard can be a breeding ground for bacteria due to the constant exposure to wind and dust.

4. Leave your windows open – for a few hours after each drive if convenient. The air flow can help prevent pathogens from settling in your vehicle.

Another key consideration for most people is to get a magnetic phone mount for your vehicle!

Utilizing a thin, pre-installed magnet on your phone or its case, a magnetic car mount is the perfect hands-free solution for navigation and entertainment on the road. It’s also one less thing to clean and worry about in your vehicle.

Just hop into your car, wipe things down, snap your phone into this car phone holder, and hit the road. Then when you’re ready to get out of the car, you won’t have to touch anything other than your cell phone’s (antimicrobial) case.

Combining a magnetic car mount with an antimicrobial tempered glass screen protector and case, is perhaps the best way to minimize your phone’s exposure to germs and bacteria all day long.
But why is that so?


Understanding Why Antimicrobial Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and Germ-Fighting Cases Work so Well

While the Coronavirus pandemic is deadly and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime, it’s also had the added effect of shedding light on some of the serious challenges we face in modern society…
We’re always on-the-go, eating in our cars or chatting on the phone while we head from one meeting to the next. We’re socializing, traveling and moving around more than ever before, and exposing ourselves to all-new threats in the process.

In this fast-paced world where our phones are practically lifelines, antimicrobial cell phone accessories make perfect sense. Think about it; we take our cell phones with us into some not-so-sanitary places, and we rarely think to clean them. We wash our hands on the way out of the bathroom or the workshop… then we grab the same cell phone we were just handling.

It’s clear that some health-conscious upgrades were in order for the modern cell phone—and it looks like they’ve just arrived.

There’s no compromise with these antimicrobial upgrades either. These antimicrobial cases are just as durable, just as impact-resistant and tough as the cases that came before them.

They’re built to withstand accidental drops, bumps and scratches without damaging the phone inside. Likewise with the ultra-thin, easy-to-install antimicrobial tempered glass screen protectors. They’re just as scratch-resistant and crystal clear as our other tempered screen protectors.

The difference is the anti-microbial technology that’s actually embedded into these accessories. It’s not just some special coating on the surface that’s going to rub away after a little while. These tempered glass screen protectors and cell phone cases are designed to fight germs long term.

This is the same technology that’s been tested by the EPA and proven to kill 99.9% of common threats like E. coli and Staph. That means pathogens won’t have the chance to settle in and grow over time.

It also means you won’t have to worry about compulsively spraying down your cell phone every day or trying to clean every millimeter of your device. This is especially useful for anyone planning to do some traveling in the near future and any heavy-duty cell phone users like salespeople, realtors or social media specialists.

With antimicrobial clear cases and tempered glass screen protectors, you can practically rule out the risk of some common health threats in a matter of minutes. That’s valuable peace of mind in an increasingly hectic and uncertain world.



Keeping Your Cell Phone Germ-Free for the Rest of the Day

So you’ve made it through your day safe and germ-free…
You’ve navigated the morning commute and made it through the workday with your antimicrobial case and tempered glass screen protector. Especially once you’ve made it home, pathogens are the last thing you’ll want to worry about.

That’s why we like to recommend a wireless charger, especially if you’re considering upgrading to an antimicrobial cell phone case and tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Wireless cell phone chargers, as the name implies, can recharge your phone without the need to handle or plug in any cables or other accessories. Simply place your cell phone on the pad, and it will engage a powerful 10W wireless charging device using Qi-certified technology.

Most modern cell phones are compatible with these wireless chargers, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S22, other android devices.
That might sound like a trivial upgrade, but it’s a unique luxury to be able to come home and simply set your phone down on an attractive wireless charger.

Or minimize the clutter on your desk at work while adding a touch of style. Then you can just grab your phone and go whenever you want.

More than just minimizing clutter and putting new technology to use, wireless chargers can also be a great way to reduce the spread of germs at home or at the workplace. They give the whole family a simple and convenient charging solution.

While your cell phone charger is hardly a hotspot for common pathogens, it is another point of contact you can phase out with ease. You can also complement your wireless charger with a small UV lamp to provide some additional germ-fighting power while your phone is recharging.

Alternately, we have a UV Sterilizer Box With Wireless Charger that you might want to take a look at.

Additionally, offering your guests access to an easy wireless charger could be seen as courteous. Especially if they’ve already got an antimicrobial case on their phone, a wireless charger could be exactly what they’re looking for.

Wireless charging technology is definitely here to stay. And a wireless charger could be a long-lasting upgrade that you’ll wonder how you ever did without…



Staying Safe in a Brave New World

It’s safe to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has been something that practically no one would’ve wanted. It’s been more than an inconvenience, and it’s already transformed the way we live our lives.

But at the same time, it’s inspiring to see how much people have adapted to face these new challenges. A year ago it would’ve been impossible to imagine everyone wearing surgical masks to the grocery store—but here we are. We’ve collectively endured months of quarantine and no shortage of other problems, and we’re sure to face more.

Having a little added peace of mind in these challenging times … that can be worth its weight in gold. Especially when the health and welfare of yourself, your friends and your family could all be at risk. By reducing the risk of pathogens spreading on your cell phone, you’re giving yourself one less thing to stress about in some pretty stressful times.

Adding in a magnetic smartphone mount for your car and a wireless cell phone charger can likewise help relieve some of your worries, but they’re also great all-around quality-of-life improvements for any cell phone user.

As with all Caseco products, our antimicrobial cases, tempered glass screen protectors, wireless chargers and smartphone mounts are all packaged in North America, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to charities like Feed the Children and 1% For the Planet.
Try them out for yourself today!


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