Here’s How To Charge Your IPhone 12 Series

You might still be wondering “does the iPhone 12 Pro Max come with a charger?” Well, unless you’ve been living in isolation (like most of us) with no outside connection, then you probably know that Apple has stopped shipping their new iPhone 12 line without the iconic but aging 5watt charging brick.

So, no. The iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t come with a charger.

Wait, what? You might ask yourself how you’re supposed to charge your brand new iPhone. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there for you running from usb wall charger to wireless charger.

At Caseco, we make high-quality and eco-friendly accessories that cater to all of your digital needs. Here, we’ll show you how to charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What’s New With The iPhone 12 Series?

The Apple iPhone 12 line delivers a host of upgrades over the previous Apple iPhone model. In terms of design, the rounded edges are gone and are now, more flat.

The previous iPhone model only had 3 phones in the lineup. Now, there are 4 with the large iPhone 12 Pro Max, the tiny iPhone 12 mini, and the similarly-sized iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

All 4 phones share the same design. Internally, the new iPhones have a better chipset that offers 5G connectivity. There are other notable changes but what we’re concerned about is the battery charging speeds.


Why Is There No More Charger For iPhone 12 Series?

Let’s face it; if you’ve been an Apple user for quite some time, you’ll probably have a few of the old 5 watt wall charger lying around. Apple says it made the move to reduce its carbon footprint and e-waste.

This is a good thing because, in recent years, Apple has been improving on the charging speeds of their phones and the old 5 watt charger is just not up to the task when it comes to the fast-paced lives we live now.


Apple Keeps Up With Fast (Wireless) Charging For iPhone 12 Line

With the new iPhone 12, Apple has bumped up their wired charging speeds from 18 watts to 20 watts. It’s still not as fast as other brands but Apple says it wants to keep things safe and we get that. The real noticeable change is in wireless charging speeds.

Apple has introduced MagSafe which is capable of charging your Apple iPhone 12 device up to 15watts wirelessly. But with the only “true” MagSafe charger coming from Apple, getting one for your iPhone 12 Pro Max will be quite expensive.


iPhone 12 Series - There Are Better Alternatives

At this moment, the MagSafe technology only works with the iPhone 12. That said, Apple has always been known to keep things to themselves with their stubborn use of the lighting port. However, MagSafe has further alienated other Apple users and devices.

Those who haven’t upgraded to the 12 don’t have a reason to get a MagSafe charger and also those who have upgraded to iPhone 13. Those who bought the 12 can only use it on that phone and nothing else.

Since we’re still at a crossroads, we let you in on how to charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max and make the best buying decision.


iPhone 12 Series - Wireless Charging Backward Compatibility

The thing is, your new iPhone 12 is backward compatible with Qi wireless charging. That means that you can use that old wireless charging pad from other reputable brands to charge your new device.

Granted, you’ll only get half the charging speeds as compared to using a MagSafe charger but at least it’s not exclusive to your device. That means you can also use it for your other devices which can be useful if you own other older Apple devices.


Wireless Charging Pad For Your iPhone 12 Series

If you’re totally invested in the Apple ecosystem, then this charger is the best pick for you. Having to monitor the charging status of multiple devices like your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods can be a pain.

Especially if you only have one charger for all of them. If that’s the case then our Wireless Charging pad compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max is the perfect solution. It’s the thinnest wireless charging pad so it’s going to fit perfectly on your nightstand or desk.

The 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad has dedicated spots for your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds. Or you can opt to charge 2 phones at the same time.

With the included Quick Charge Qualcomm 3.0 wall charger, you get a fast wall charger with max output of 10 watts. It’s also Qi certified so you can be sure of its quality and safety features.

iPhone 12 Series Wireless Power Bank

The thing about wireless charging pads is that they’re not completely wireless. You still need to plug it into an AC outlet for it to work. For real wireless charging that you can take anywhere, there’s our Wireless Power Bank compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It sports wireless charging portability with enough juice to power your device 2 times over with its 8000 mAh battery. These wireless power banks deliver 10 watts of fast wireless charging wherever you go. They’re also capable of charging multiple devices.

You can charge 2 devices with the included USB ports and another one wirelessly. Up top, there’s a non-slip grip so your iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t slip while it’s charging. These power banks are available in different colorful designs and textures that can match your style.

Best Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone 12 Series

If you’re still wondering how to charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max, then these two options have got your phone covered and will make sure your iPhone lasts more than a day. Even if you have devices that don’t support wireless charging, the wireless power bank has the option for wired charging.

These wireless chargers work even with our iPhone 12 Pro Max case on your phone. And if you need to charge your new Apple iPhone quickly, there’s our portable PD 20W Wall Charger.

Beyond having everything you may need for your device, we also have the planet covered with our ethical and responsible manufacturing process. Our products are shipped in plastic-free packaging and are made with recyclable materials.

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