Combat Blue Light Exposure

We all have that one excuse whenever we are told to limit our screen time. The most common being - it's the digital age and literally EVERYONE is glued to their smartphones. Quite a valid excuse, but news flash! - our electronic devices emit blue light that can pose a threat to our health. The good news is that the blue light screen protector for iPhone and Samsung can provide protection from over exposure to blue light.

Be Kind To Your Eyes With Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector For iPhone And Samsung

The sun is the number one source of blue light, but did you know that it can also be obtained from artificial light sources? We're talking about your laptop, flat screen TV and smartphones. These devices give off blue light that can cause eye damage.

Digital eye strain is common, especially when we rivet to our digital screens. While it takes large amounts of light for our retinas to get damaged due to phototoxicity, even a short exposure (sometimes a matter of minutes) can still be harmful. Not limiting our screen time can cause permanent changes to our vision.

Why do we need a blue light screen protector? How does it help us minimize the harmful effects of exposure? Anti-blue light screen protector for iPhone has an advanced filter technology so whenever you use your electronic device, you can minimize the transmittance of blue light. It works like blue light glasses.

Blue Light and Your Health

Do you turn to your smartphone and scroll through social media when you can't sleep at night? Almost all of us are guilty about this because we think that our devices can help us relax. But contrary to popular belief, blue light can negatively impact our health. Not only does the light stimulate our brain but it also prevents our body from releasing sleep hormone melatonin. So don't be surprised if you can't get a good night's sleep.

Blue Light Screen Protector For iPhone-Additional Layer of Protection

Our smartphone is a number one source of blue light, but with a blue light tempered glass screen protector, you will never have to worry about its harmful effects. While having a less clear view is one problem with installing most screen protectors, the screen of your devices remains the same, thanks to its ultra-thin 0.33 construction.

Blue Light Screen Protector For iPhone 12 Pro Max For A Sound Night’s Rest

The quality of your sleep can be seriously affected with too much exposure to blue light. A disrupted circadian rhythm can cause your brain to go haywire. No wonder those who lack sleep are usually in a bad mood. With iPhone 12 Pro Max Anti Blue Light Screen Protector, you'll enjoy a more restorative sleep because of its ability to reduce blue light exposure.

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector For iPad - Digital Eye Strain No More!

Your iPhone and Samsung phone are not the only sources of blue light. Even your iPad can expose you to blue light too. A blue light filter screen protector for iPad reduces digital eye strain. You don't have to worry about obstructing your vision as well because the screen protector lets you see clearly.

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