Best Marble iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Pad

You prefer simple but eye-catching designs for your iPhone or Android accessories. Well, look no further. Here’s the best wireless charging pad in a cute marble design just for your iPhone 12.


Best Wireless Charger

The Apollo Aluminum Marble Wireless Charging Pad can juice up your iPhone 12 or any Android phone wirelessly. This wireless charging pad is Qi-Certified and meets the Apple and Samsung Fast Charging standard. It has a full 10-watt fast charging output and an LED charging indicator to tell you it is working. There’s less heat generated so you know it is sufficiently charging your Apple iPhone 12.


With A Beautiful Marble Design

This wireless charging pad is so cute your friends will definitely comment on the beautiful marble design. You can match it with your phone color or look into leather phone cases and braided charging cables to make it even more stylized. It is the best wireless charging pad to match your style.


Sleek and Compact

It features a rubberized plus symbol at the center to provide a non-slip surface. It is also case friendly. Best feature of the entire Apollo Marble Aluminum Wireless Charger Pad is that it is so slim and tiny it won’t take up much space on your bedside table. It is the most convenient way to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone like your Apple iPhone 12.

Our Brand Promise

All Caseco packaging materials are printed using plant-based ink. We ship our products to your doorstep with ecological sustainability in mind so the product you get uses only 100% recyclable paper. We must actively support eco-friendly companies to maintain our planet’s natural resources. And in demonstrating our values, we have successfully eliminated single-use plastics in our production.

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