Best Designer Phone Cases To Have

Mobile phones and smartphones have come a long way from just being a device used for communication. With the advent of aesthetics and the demand for more attractive handheld phones, many of the big names came up with different strategies to keep clients interested.

Most of these companies focused on color to accentuate their designs and we have big names such as Samsung and Apple flaunting their special, limited color-based flagships.

I love color which is directly related to the fact that I love art. There’s something about art that calls my attention whether it be on a bus, a painting in a gallery or on a phone case. Between choosing a drab, monotonous business-centric black phone case and a beautifully painted one, the colored one would win, hands down.

Best Designer Phone Cases To Have - Tie Dye Phone Case

That’s why I was so thrilled when I heard about my favorite brand Caseco coming up with a new collection from a collaboration with an independent artist, Mandy Beaune of EllowDee. Now, I’ve never heard of this artist before but I did a quick Google search of her brand EllowDee and I was blown away.

Being a mom myself, I appreciate the soft pastels of her designs that are typically seen in a nursery and are definite eye candies to mothers everywhere. Check out her beautiful designs to decorate your nursery or accentuate your home. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

But that isn’t all. Another reason Mandy’s designs are so appealing to me is its inclination towards minimalism. Let’s face it - there’s almost too much of everything in our modern world.

There’s a growing faction of minimalists clamoring for less and they’re absolutely right. Less is truly more in many things. Best of all, the simplicity in her creative designs have been transferred to the Moonlit Collection which is the EllowDee and Caseco collaboration of designer Samsung and iPhone cases. All the designed cases for this particular collection are produced in Canada as that is where Mandy is based.

Best Designer Phone Cases To Have - Camo Phone Case

“My favorite projects have a coordinated combination of several pieces, a custom group that is both visually and texturally appealing. I thoroughly enjoy the creative and collaborative process.” - Mandy Beaune, EllowDee

Caseco has started the collaborative effort with iPhone 12 case designs and most of the iPhone cases in the iPhone 12 series are up on the site. The Samsung phone cases line up is on our products list especially for the more recent releases, and the flagship series. So, let’s talk a little bit about Caseco.

As a company with a particular hiring philosophy, they focus on hiring people who have suffered with job loss or rejection from other companies due to their language deficiency or lack of education.

Aside from saying that they care about their employees, Caseco extends its hand to people who are yet to become their employees. That’s quite outstanding and heavily relies on trusting and giving outsiders a chance in spite of their handicap.

You get a case because you want to keep your device protected - that is first and foremost your main reason. I remember seeing a friend of mine sporting an iPhone 12 case from another brand crying like a baby when she accidentally dropped the phone and it hit the concrete face down.

Needless to say she had no choice but to have her iPhone screen replaced. The iPhone case was okay but the bad design had lowered the chances of her walking away with her device unscathed. With Caseco, you are guaranteed military protection supported by a 10 foot drop test. Now that’s style with protection.

Best Designer Phone Cases To Have - Marble Phone Case

But that’s not where protection should end. Caseco also features marble iPhone 12 case. Their antimicrobial cases aimed towards the highly exposed medical front liners or for people who have an utmost desire to keep themselves and their things germ-free.

Living in a world where germs, bacteria and viruses roam free and unfettered can get one a little paranoid. And that’s why; Caseco considers everything for their clients and users.

Customer service is also at the center of Caseco’s core values. Design strategy and product creation is also considered on customer needs and opinions. Pet owners having their wire chewed up and having to constantly buy replacement after replacement has pushed the company to design a pet friendly metal braided lightning cable. I mean, how cool that is! If I had a dog - I’d definitely get one of those.

Caseco’s cases whether in or outside the collection are made with recyclable materials. That means nothing new is made and everything single used is not a part of production.

They even came up with a packaging system that doesn’t involve any plastic. They’re confident in saying that the box is directly recyclable as even the dye used in printing is plant-based and not artificial. So go ahead and recycle that box- I know I did and proud of it, too!

Best Designer Phone Cases To Have - Leaf Phone Case

I believe in a company that says they give back and show you the proof how they do it. That’s a promise backed up by action and with a portion of their profits per sale given charities, you become part of that endeavor too. If you’re keen on getting eco-friendly phone cases you shouldn’t have to look any further.

“We’re excited to bring you this collaboration with a great independent artist, Mandy Beaune of EllowDee. Inspired by the ocean breeze off the coast of Vancouver Island and a love of motherhood, Mandys’ design aesthetic incorporates elements of minimalism, mid-century, and colorful patterns.” - Jay Rahman, CEO Caseco

I’m well into getting my designer phone case, Moon Light by Ellowdee for my iPhone. It’s the first one I’m using that was actually made by a featured artist and I’m mighty glad Caseco got into this collaboration.

Mandy Beaune is an amazing artist and I appreciate being able to carry an art piece around with me. I’m not worried about having a product defect or getting an item I didn’t order as Caseco has a 30-day return policy. That speaks loads about the confidence in their products and I myself agree to it.

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