3 Slot Vs 3 Slot Card Wallet Case
iPhone Wallet Case: 3 Vs 5 Slot Card Holders - Wallet Case

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an iPhone 13 Pro Max case or whatever phone model you are having. Do you want a three-slot Park Ave. iPhone 13 wallet phone case or a five-slot 5th Ave. iPhone 13 wallet case? What type of phone do you have? How important is protection for your device? 

Good Things about 3 Slot Card Holder Phone Cases:

1. They are perfect for people who only need to carry a few cards.

2. They are lightweight to carry, and there is much less bulk in your pocket.

3. There is Anti-Radiation and RFID Blocking Material to this kind of phone case that provides practical EMF Radiation shielding to protect your data, credit card information, and smartphone. 

Good Things About 5 Slot Card Phone Cases:

1. The 5 slot cardholder iPhone case is more extensive and has more slots to fit more cards. Perfect for people who need to carry more than just a few cards.

2. There are usually additional features such as a money clip or pen holder.

3. Also perfect for traveling and daily routine. And there is nothing to beat the convenience of going out with one thing in your pocket. 

iPhone Wallet Case: 3 Vs 5 Slot Card Holders - Wallet Phone Case


So, which cardholder phone case is suitable for you? Consider how many cards you need to carry and the size of your device when making your decision. If you only need to bring a few cards, then a three-slot iPhone 13 wallet phone case may suit you. If you need to carry more cards or have a larger phone, a five-slot 5th Ave. iPhone 13 Pro Max wallet case may better serve you.

Consider the additional features that each type of Sunset Blvd. iPhone 13 Pro Max vegan leather phone case with MagSafe offers and decide which is most important to you. No matter which iPhone 13 Pro Max wallet phone case you choose, you can ensure that it will protect your device.

iPhone Wallet Case: 3 Vs 5 Slot Card Holders - Leather Wallet Phone Cases


The Vegan Leather Magnetic Wallet Phone Case

For those who want the best protection for their device, the Bond I iPhone 13 Pro Max Case With Card Holder is perfect. It has a three-slot cardholder to use on the go. The cardholder is made of vegan leather and has a card pocket that can hold up to three cards. This cardholder phone case is perfect for those who need to carry just a few cards with them.

The phone case has a Built-in RFID & EMF protection It also compatible with wireless charger. It is vegan-made, cruelty-free leather. You can be sure animals are safe in the process.

You can't go wrong with a 3 card slot phone case or 5 card slot phone case. It will only depend on how many cards you need to bring daily. You can be sure that your day-to-day usage of your phone will be as accessible as your money in that magnetic wallet.

Do you have a cardholder phone case? Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite! Do you use leather or plastic? What brand do you have? If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends! And be sure to check back next week for more phone case tips and tricks. Thanks for reading! 

3 Slot Vs 5 Slot Card Wallet Case (FAQ)

Does the iPhone 13 Pro Max Need a Case?

Yes. A screen protector protects the front of your phone, but you need an iPhone 13 Pro Max case to protect the entire body against bumps, scratches, and bumps!

Does iPhone 14 Pro Max case Fit iPhone 13 Pro Max?

No. Each case is designed for a specific model, so make sure to choose one that fits you! Use an iPhone 14 Pro Max case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max & use an iPhone 13 Pro Max case for iPhone 13 Pro Max only.

There are iPhone cases here in Caseco that are made to match your phone perfectly and provide a secure fit, ultimate protection, and easy access to all ports and buttons.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro Max Need A Screen Protector?

Yes. An iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector is a must if you want to keep your phone scratch-free. Aside from a case, the screen protector is also good enough to prevent scratches and won't affect the display and you'll still enjoy your phone without looking at scratches on its screen.

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