Why We Donate?

At Caseco, we want to be part of building the strong, healthy communities where our children will learn and play. We believe that healthy, happy children who feel secure and supported are at the core of our communities, which is why we support Save The Children, a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Years ago, Caseco’s founder attended a unique school in Bangladesh: the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College in the SOS Children’s Village International.

The SOS Children’s Village International accepted orphans and allowed them to receive education alongside other children at the prestigious SOS Hermann Gmeiner College. This permitted under-privileged children to interact with more privileged children daily. Hermann Gmeiner wanted to create a place of social enrichment that would allow children to receive an education and feel accepted. This environment of social learning showed Jay the importance of supporting children from every background so that they were never limited by circumstances outside of their control.

To honor that, we decided to give back to a charity that he knew could make a real difference in the world. This is why Caseco donates 1% of all its proceeds to Save The Children. We partnered with Save The Children not only because of their dedication to eradicating child poverty, hunger and disease and offering clean water and education but because of their transparency. Save The Children connects directly to the people they help and are clear in how their funds are spent.

We believe that, as companies, we are responsible for contributing to a better future for our children, our community’s children, and the world’s children. Together with Save The Children, our team at Caseco is hoping to make the world a slightly better place for a child in need.


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