Environmental Promise

Whether it be giving a percentage of our profits to charity or following in the company's eco-conscious footsteps at home, our team goes the extra mile. The world deserves to thrive and, if we want to sustain this great planet of ours, then it's time to step outside of the box.


Eco is in the name

This is not your average phone case manufacturer. At Caseco, we're not afraid to root for the planet, and our eco-conscious production is proof. From the products themselves to the boxes we ship them in, everything is

  • responsible
  • sustainable
  • recyclable

Breaking the disposable status quo

As a cell phone accessory manufacturer, we're in a largely disposable industry. North American cell phone users purchase about 1 million accessories each day, many of which are made with the cheap-and-disposable mentality. We're changing that by delivering ultra-reliable phone cases and accessories that don't compromise on quality, value, price or the environment.

Sustainable Materials

To us, sustainability is always in style. We're particular about the materials we use, sticking only to ones that comply with our eco-conscious expectations as well as our need for long-lasting products.

Recyclable Plastic This type of plastic helps keep resources people use to craft new products down (think water and natural gas). It also prevents garbage from making its way to the landfill, or worse—the ocean.

Metal Steel and other metals are strong, so a little goes a long way. They're inherently recyclable, and you can even reuse the scraps in their original form. With few resources used to craft this non-toxic material, there's no denying metal is a good one for the planet.

Vegan Leather Leather sourced from anything but animals? We're all in. Made with recyclable plastic, this modern-day alternative to inhumanity is everything we knew we needed.

Paper We love sustainably sourced paper. It's recyclable, so it goes right back to the planet to produce more trees and a richer wildlife to boot.

Soy Ink When it comes to the planet, the nitty gritty matters. That's why we use all-natural soy ink for our product and packaging needs. See? We told you we cared.

No Animal Cruelty

We're kicking cruelty to the curb. Animals are an undeniable part of our ecosystem, and we want things to stay that way. Why use leather when you can use vegan materials that don't harm critters? That's our dogma and we won't shake it. Caseco products will never contain materials sourced from or tested on animals. And that's a promise.

Zero-Waste Packaging

Our paper-based packaging is recyclable and compostable. By using soy ink for printing, we make it clear that the minutia matters. So no, you won't find any trash from us in your delivery. Another promise? Yeah, we're full of 'em.

E-Waste Awareness

People dispose of 40 million tons of e-waste improperly each year. We want to change that, which is why we're doing our part to share the knowledge. Through our blog and social media efforts, we're transforming e-waste legislation into something more than words: action.

Why Go Eco?

You may be wondering why we've expended so much effort to transform our brand into a wholly eco-conscious entity. The short answer is this: the environment needs urgent help, and we want to provide it. As for the long answer…

  • Plastic litters our planet, from The Mariana Trench to Mount Everest. Whether it be entire water bottles or micro debris, this stuff is clogging earth's arteries.
  • More trash means more greenhouse gases. Landfills produce methane, and methane eats away at our atmosphere.
  • Unsustainable materials are resource-heavy. So they're doing more than contributing to the world's waste epidemic; they're also guzzling up valuable water and gas, among other finite assets.
  • Sustainable materials are inherently strong, making our efforts well worthwhile.

At first glance, crafting our premium tech accessories in a responsible, sustainable,and recyclable fashion may seem like going overboard. But we promise you that it's worth every drop of sweat—for every one of us, well beyond the Caseco team.