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What is a Privacy Screen Protector?

A Privacy Screen Protector is a specialized type of screen protector designed to limit the visibility of the screen's contents from side angles. The screen remains clear and easily visible when viewed directly from the front. However, when viewed from sides or angles other than straight on, the screen becomes darker and harder to see, effectively reducing the risk of others around you from peeking at your sensitive or confidential information.

How do privacy screen protectors work?

Our privacy screen protectors feature an innovative microscopic filter that controls light waves from your screen. Viewing head-on provides crystal-clear clarity, but if someone tries to peek from the side, the filter scatters light, rendering the screen dark and unreadable. Protect your screen and keep your data safe with this smart technology.

Why Do you "REALLY" need one?

Imagine this scenario: You're at a coffee shop, engrossed in your work when you notice someone attempting to steal a glance at your screen. Here's where our privacy screen protector steps in – your ultimate ally. It ensures that only you have a crystal-clear view of your display from a direct angle, shielding your valuable information from prying eyes. Safeguarding not only your privacy but also your screen, this protector lets your spreadsheet genius shine without any unwanted spectators.