Anti-Radiation + RFID Cases

Scored a brand new iPhone 12? We understand the dilemma of searching through thousands of options online. That’s why we have put together our most recommended iPhone 12 Anti-radiation + RFID cases to make it easier for you.
The following cases feature anti-radiation and RFID protection. They incorporate an advanced EMF radiation shield, it helps protect you from the ill-effects of accumulated exposure to cellphone radiation. The combined RFID protection also provides much-needed data protection that will help protect your credit card details and personal information.

1. Park Ave Magnetic Wallet Folio
Complement the classy look of your new phone with Caseco’s Park Ave iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Phone Case. This all-around superstar gives you high-quality protection for your phone, as well as yourself.

Vegan Leather - This case is made of high-quality vegan leather that’s fashionable and functional at the same time

Organized - The inside portion of the flap has three card slots and a vertical compartment for keeping bills.

Water-resistant - The Park Ave case has a water-resistant inner lining so your phone is protected and it’s also very easy to clean.

Shock absorbent - It protects your phone from bumps and dents by absorbing some of the impact in case your phone takes a fall. It has a removable magnetic sleeve that allows you to slip the phone into the wallet case securely.

Eco-friendly - True to Caseco’s advocacy, the case comes in packaging made with uncoated paper printed with plant-based ink, making it recyclable and 100% environment-friendly.

The Park Ave case is available for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini.

2. Broadway Magnetic Wallet Folio
The Broadway Magnetic Phone Case for iPhone 12 has almost the same features as the Park Ave except for the colors and design. It comes in red and rose gold for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max; pink and red for the iPhone 12 Mini.

3. Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Folio
The Sunset Blvd iPhone 12 Pro Vegan Leather Phone Cases shares the same features as the other two above, with the addition of an extra flap that contains three more card slots. It comes in black, purple, teal for all iPhone 12 models.

4. Bond I Wallet Folio Case
The Bond I Wallet Phone Case for iPhone 12 Mini, again shares the same features. The black case looks very professional and elegant. All the iPhone 12 anti-radiation cases mentioned here are also compatible with wireless charger.

5. Bond II Wallet Folio Case
The Bond II iPhone 12 Wallet Phone Case is almost the same as the Bond case, except it only has two card slots on the inner lining and it has a third card slot found at the back of the case. It only comes in this sleek, black, color that resembles real leather but is really made of vegan leather.

These are Caseco Inc’s best-selling iPhone 12 anti-radiation and RFID cases that are sure to protect you and your loved ones from the negative effects of radiation and from the evils of identity theft.

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