Why Caseco?

Eco-Friendly Accountability in a Disposable Industry

 With over half a billion cell phones in America, millions of people buy new accessories for their cell phones on a daily basis. Most of these accessories are produced as fast and cheap as possible—without much care for their lasting value, or for the environment at large.Caseco is dedicated to changing all of that … for the better.We deliver ultra-reliable cases and accessories without compromising on quality, value or price. From our rugged Tough Cases to slim-fitting Skin Shields, stylish holographic cases and RFID-blocking folios/wallets, we offer a full range of eco-conscious accessories that are built to last for every popular platform—all at prices that are tough to beat.


Eco-Friendly American Manufacturing for the 21st Century

Caseco is leading the charge to cut down on single-use plastics by transitioning to plastic-free packaging wherever possible and using recycled plastics everywhere else.By using recycled materials wherever possible, we’re able to create more sustainable products and packaging without compromising on quality or durability. No animals are harmed in the making of Caseco’s products, and we never use child labor in production.We also donate a percentage of each and every sale to 1% for Planet and Plastic Oceans —empowering a more sustainable future in Canada and the United States through one of the most eco-friendly non-profit organizations on the Planet.


Industry-Certified for Proven Reliability

Caseco’s products and accessories are also UL/AL-certified, Apple-certified and Qualcomm-certified for use with each specific device. All of our products are packaged in America and backed by a warranty is among the best in the industry. We proudly stand behind each product we make, so you can always buy with confidence from Caseco. Our goods are UL/AL-certified, Apple-certified and Qualcomm-certified, and we package everything in North America. We stand behind everything we make and do so confidently.


Working Together Toward a More Sustainable Future

Caseco is a community-focused American company with a passion for technology and innovation. We’re always striving to make products that are more intuitive, more versatile, and more acceptable. We’re proud to offer a wide range of responsibly manufactured products that are built to last. Through donations to Plastic Oceans, we’re dedicated to creating a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come. We know you’ll enjoy your purchase—and we thank you for working together with us toward a brighter and more responsible future.